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In March, spring is warm and flowers bloom, just as the peak decoration season is approaching, and the home decoration market is busy at this time. As a result, the disputes caused by decoration consumption continue. Among them, the common one is the consumption dispute of solid wood floor in family decoration. Consumers complain incessantly, and sellers have their own opinions and arguments for decoration complaints. How to coordinate this situation and avoid decoration disputes? To avoid disputes and worries, we should start from two aspects: purchase and common sense of flooring

Jiusheng flooring reminds consumers that when choosing solid wood flooring, they should first understand some common sense of solid wood flooring. Processing natural wood into solid wood flooring requires multiple processes, such as material selection, color separation, drying, natural health preservation, tenoning and painting, and the cycle is as long as several months. If the material is not well selected, the flooring products will have defects. If the drying is not in place, the floor is easy to shrink, swell and change after installation. The phenomenon of wood color difference must exist, and the color separation is not strict, The paved floor will "Dahua face. It is easier to distort and deform the floor if it is processed and sold directly without natural health preservation. If the process of tenoning and painting is not fine enough, it will directly affect the aesthetic effect and paving effect of the finished product. Therefore, consumers need to know how to choose solid wood flooring.

when choosing solid wood flooring, they should choose the style and brand of the floor. The style of home decoration varies from person to person, and they should choose products suitable for the overall style of their family, Harmonious style collocation is the most ideal "home". "Style" is different in everyone's consciousness. When it comes to family use, style is no longer a simple degree of surface beauty. If, in the "beautiful" home that you want to dress up, the floor has problems, or cracks and deformation, or expansion and distortion, or paint falls off, or cracks appear, or it is just not beautiful enough, and the natural appearance is artificially modified, this effect can also be called "style"? Style, in floor products, is embodied in material, tone and workmanship

many consumers only care about the material type and price, and think that it is OK to choose a material type that is recognized by everyone and choose a color that is suitable for them. They often choose a more affordable one because of the price difference. Who knows that quality and value are balanced, how can we get high quality at low price? Consumers also need a good sense of consumption and an eye for distinguishing between good and bad. Solid wood floors of different brands that look similar in color, put them together and compare them. The good floor is the one with transparent paint, natural and soft color, clear and real texture, no insect holes and cracks decorated with putty, complete mortise and groove, neat edges, and the texture and tone of the back plate are consistent with that of the board. The standard of high-quality solid wood flooring is to make up skillfully without trace and retain the tone and texture of wood essence. The raw material quality of the floor with too heavy paint or covered texture needs to be considered

the homogenization of floor products is quite common, and consumers often have a misunderstanding. They only look at the quality and workmanship of single pieces of floor products, only the color of floor products, and often ignore the overall style after laying. The selection of solid wood flooring is not fine, the quality is not up to standard, and the style is not matched. No matter how expensive the solid wood flooring is at home, it has become a "disturbing project"

common quality problems of floor products are also the most concerned problems of consumers. Often, there will be large color difference, deformation and cracking after paving, paint falling off and discoloration. A good choice determines the quality of life and eliminates future worries. When choosing solid wood flooring, consumers should choose a good brand. Good brand, good strength and technology, and a good security system and service system to ensure that consumers buy worry free




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