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In order to meet the urgent home decoration needs of some Wuhan decoration owners, Xiaobian collected and sorted out some cases of different styles of home decoration renderings shared by Wuhan decoration companies with high cost performance. This case is the decoration case of wuhan carnival decoration in Jindi Xiongchu No. 1. No more nonsense, there is a picture and a truth right away

[specific room type]: jindixiongchu No. 1 (community group), 132 square meters, three bedrooms and two halls

[design description]: designers try to use neat and concise line boards to outline and reinterpret the modern fashion in the fresh and simple style, and try to choose light colors such as white and light yellow in the overall color selection. Therefore, the TV background wall is also immersed in a pure white. In addition, the designer has also creatively adjusted the gray mirror and line board levels to create the richness and hierarchy of visual space. In the whole set of cases, the design is the climax of color, and the ability to control it is vividly reflected. Of course, the designer does not forget to grasp the details of the space, which can not only produce a strong visual impact, but also fully ensure the comfort and functionality of the space

[decoration company]: wuhan carnival decoration; Half package 63000 yuan

[space display]

according to the carnival decoration designer, the living space in this case is very spacious for a family of three, and the modern and simple decoration style makes the room fashionable and generous; The overall color of public space is mainly gray and white, adding a noble temperament. Modern home furnishings pay attention to function and spatial organization, pay attention to the formal beauty of the structure itself, have a simple shape, oppose redundant decoration, advocate reasonable composition technology, respect the performance of materials, pay attention to the texture of materials and the configuration effect of colors, and develop a non-traditional asymmetric composition method based on functional layout. No matter how big the room is, it must appear spacious

there is no need for cumbersome decoration and too much furniture, and the overall coordination between space and furniture is maximized in decoration and layout. Geometric structure is often used in modeling, which is the design concept of modern style. Due to simple lines and few decorative elements, modern style furniture needs perfect soft fitting to show aesthetic feeling

in the design concept of modern simple style, we know that the sound and color in the home is not more, but how to match reasonably. The space of the master bedroom is very spacious, and the windowsill area is used to create a fashionable leisure field

too many colors will only give people a sense of chaos. In modern style, use more pure colors for collocation design, so that no matter the furniture shape and spatial layout, it will give people a refreshing surprise. Instead, the design emphasizes more on function, the integrity of structure and form, and the depth and accuracy of material, technology and space

the children's room is also a modern and simple decoration style, but considering that its users will be young children, the room is hung with cute dog decorative paintings, and the design of the bedside is also very cute. When designing with modern simple style, we should fully understand the texture and performance of materials, and pay attention to the harmony and complementarity between environmental protection and materials

the rational application of new technologies and materials is a crucial link. Only by reflecting fashion and fashion in the combination of people and space can we better represent the changing modern life and better interpret the modern simple style

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