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PetroChina, the "gas head chemical industry", laid out the natural gas market in Chengdu. PetroChina signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the people's Government of Chengdu on February 3. Both parties agreed to establish a regular high-level joint meeting system and a middle-level coordination meeting system. The Chengdu municipal government fully supports the construction and development of PetroChina's oil and gas exploration and development, oil and gas pipelines, and oil and gas sales network in Chengdu. Analysts said that it can be seen from the agreement that natural gas is the key issue discussed by both sides

the agreement stipulates that within the scope permitted by national policies, Chengdu actively implements the energy development strategy of "market for resources", gives full play to the advantages of PetroChina's oil and gas resources, and focuses on supporting the development of PetroChina's oil and gas terminal market in Chengdu

Sichuan is an important resource town of PetroChina. Sichuan Basin is one of the main natural gas production areas in China. PetroChina has jointly developed Luojiazhai gas field and Tieshanpo and Dukouhe gas fields with chevron. Although the reserve data of Longgang gas field has not been published, it is expected to be considerable. However, at the same time, Sichuan's natural gas supply in the extrusion unit equipment has been tight. At the end of last year and the beginning of this year, it fell into a "gas shortage" like many cities far away from the gas source

in addition, although the development of natural gas chemical industry is restricted by the state, the action plan for petrochemical industry adjustment and Revitalization (year) issued by Sichuan Province last year still clearly proposes that the program operation will be more stable, and about 82.5 billion yuan will be invested to implement 137 projects, so as to build the largest natural gas chemical industry base in China

analysts pointed out that the contradiction between supply and demand of natural gas has become increasingly prominent. PetroChina hopes to coordinate gas projects, prevent the disorderly development of gas head chemical industry, and strive to solve the problem that "the answer given by gas song Wangqiu is:" imagine the future shortage with renewable materials "

on the other hand, PetroChina has started the construction of 10million ton oil refining project in Pengzhou, a suburb of Chengdu

at present, the competition in the refined oil market in Sichuan has entered a white hot, and the market share of PetroChina has dropped from 82% to 75%. PetroChina Sichuan Sales Company may sign strategic cooperation framework agreements with Neijiang, Yibin, Suining and Meishan to continue to promote the "market for resources" strategy

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