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Ge supports Petrobras' undersalt oil field drilling project. On September 28, 2012, Brazil is one of the largest oil producers in the world. Its national oil company, Petrobras, plans to invest US $224billion in capital expenditure from 2011 to 2015. GE power conversion business 2.1.3 grooving: a groove is specially machined on the friction surface as the measurement benchmark. Today, the Department (nyse:ge) announced that it has become the designer and builder of high-performance mobile offshore drilling platforms and the supplier of Keppel offshore engineering and maritime Co., Ltd., and will continue to provide power generation, propulsion and drilling drive technologies for the six new semi companies in Brazil, Support the subsalt oil field drilling project of Petrobras

ge electric system's efficient and effective drilling platform performance has made great contributions to solving the operation problems in the deep water off the east coast of Brazil. While the Brazilian offshore engineering works in difficult and dangerous sea areas, the operational reliability is very necessary, and it is also the key to select the power conversion technology

Keppel offshore and maritime Co., Ltd. recently announced to sign a contract with Sete Brasil participa es S.A. to design and build a semi submersible drilling platform based on Keppel's patented DSS 38e design. The first drilling platforms are scheduled to be put into operation in the fourth quarter of 2015. These deepwater drilling platforms will help Brazil to explore the estimated 500 billion barrels of deep-sea oil and gas reserves

the monthly oil market report recently released by the international energy administration predicts that the global oil demand will reach 950million barrels per day in 2016. If Brazil can achieve its production plan by 2020, it can supply 8% of global oil demand

flexible equipment placement is one of the main advantages of power conversion diesel electric propulsion technology. You can place diesel generator sets, switchboards, drives and other equipment in the most efficient position. In addition to the advantage of efficient layout, it is simple to separate compartments for safety and redundancy. Redundant power and control cable redundancy of all incoming and outgoing electrical systems are combined to achieve optimal installation to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements. Therefore, the flooding or fire of individual compartments will not lead to the failure of the whole propulsion system or power system. Controllable specific operations can continuously ensure the safety and availability of the ship

with the flexibility and configurability of our power and propulsion systems, operators can convert all the advantages of multi-level redundancy into the improvement of ship availability without paying unreasonable expenses in terms of weight, mechanical space and fixed equipment costs. Paul English, head of ship industry in GE power conversion business unit, said that our advanced power generation, motor and drive technology, Just like the technology used in the Keppel far east project, it is being used to make the process of ship and offshore engineering cleaner and more efficient

during his trade visit to Brazil, Lord GR, the British Minister of trade and investment, caused the imbalance between the total capacity and market demand in some areas. Een said in Rio de Janeiro that he congratulated the power conversion business department of GE Energy on winning the new Brazilian offshore engineering business. More and more enterprises' export trade is an important part of the government's development plan. The importance of the deal is evident

ge will deliver the important components of these drilling platform equipment locally through its manufacturing plant in Brazil, timely provide cost-effective solutions, and expand Brazil's marine and shipbuilding business

ge's equipment will be delivered in phases in 2012 and 2016

develop Brazil's subsalt oil field area

this new project will develop Brazil's subsalt oil field area, which is also a part of Petrobras project. Subsalt oil field refers to the rock series located in the offshore, accounting for a large part of the coast of Brazil, which may generate and accumulate oil. The reason why it is called an undersalt oil field is that these rocks are formed under the rich salt layer, and the rock layer thickness in some coastal areas is as high as 2000 meters. Over time, these rocks will be deposited under the salt layer, so the term "under salt" is adopted. The oil itself may be 5000 meters below sea level

it crosses the Santos, Campos and San Espirito basins and extends for 500 miles. The oil reserves of Brazil's subsalt oil fields are estimated to be about 10billion to 16billion barrels. From now until 2020, about 40 new ships (drilling ships and semi submersibles) are required for the exploration and production of these reservoirs

ge acquired power conversion (then called Converteam) in september2011. GE power con10 business unit w2=0.05g2/hzversion uses the technology and system of power conversion to drive the electrification transformation of the world's energy and other industrial infrastructure. By developing and providing high-end motors, advanced transmission and control technologies, it promotes industrial processes to become cleaner and more efficient! It serves the following professional fields, such as energy, shipbuilding, industry and all related services

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