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Ge in China: a friend rather than an opponent editor's note: Recently, PetroChina planned the third and fourth pipelines of West to east natural gas transmission project, which made the tensile force of the test piece reduced to the set allowable value, making the world pay attention to the world's largest natural gas transmission project again. Among them, people can't help asking: as the main supplier of compressor units for the first and second line projects of West to east gas transmission, can ge get new orders this time

we are working very hard now. In Ge oil & Gas Group (hereinafter referred to as GE oil & Gas Group), we met Joe Mastrangelo, global vice president of Ge and President of turbine business of Ge oil & gas group. There is a sincere firmness in the light blue eyes: of course, we also hope to succeed. We have gained a lot in China. China is our very good partner

achievements and dreams

media: Ge oil & gas has been operating in China for more than 30 years. During this period, what kind of gains have Ge oil & gas achieved in the operation principle of battery extrusion tester in China's oil, natural gas and other energy industries

joe: China is an extremely important market for GE. We have a history of successful operation and cooperation in China

of course, the biggest harvest is the cooperation with PetroChina in the west to east gas transmission project. Since 2005, we have been the main supplier of compression equipment turbine technology for the project, with the target value of more than 600million US dollars. In addition to this project, GE has always been an equipment supplier for Sinopec Sichuan East gas transmission project, and has cooperated with CNOOC on the Bohai Bay development project

in addition, we are providing compressor units for two landmark projects, which will become the world's two largest coal based polypropylene production plants. The two projects are the plant of Shenhua Ningmei group in Ningxia Autonomous Region in Western China and the facilities of Datang International Power Generation Co., Ltd. in Xilingol, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. These two projects will produce about 500000 tons of coal to polypropylene every year

media: what is the secret for GE oil & gas group to obtain these projects? What are the advantages

joe: there are three aspects: first, we have advanced technology; Second, we can meet the delivery time of customers; Third, it can cooperate with customers on site for installation

as a foreign company, it is very important to have a good response speed, not to mention that Chinese oil companies have high requirements for time. In the west to east gas transmission project, we have set many new records to match the schedule of PetroChina. For example, the construction of Qinshui station took only 8 months, which can be regarded as an outstanding achievement in the history of pipeline construction. Among them, GE's lean installation capability is the key to complete the installation and commissioning of compression equipment in the compressor station within about 110 days

media: what are your prospects for the global market and what are the development plans of Ge oil & Gas Group in China

joe: we have a positive outlook for 2010. All we see is that the market is no longer in recession and has reached the point where the business is showing an increasing trend. In the field of liquefied natural gas, we will see fourorfive projects approved in the next two years, and these will be world-class projects. For enterprises like GE, there are many bright spots in the downstream industry in terms of regional market share and development opportunities, which can promote the innovation of truly safe, mature and reliable products, equipment and services

in China, we will continue to invest in this market, develop cooperation methods, localize the supply chain, and cooperate with strong players to achieve common development. We have made technology transfer and supporting local economic development by providing employment opportunities and skills development as the core of our long-term goals and commitments

we are partners

media: how to evaluate China's oil and gas equipment manufacturing industry

joe: first of all, we feel great competition. In terms of steam turbines, China has very good manufacturers, which not only have high operation efficiency, but also have a competitive advantage in cost. For example, the first time I visited Shengu (Shenyang Blower Factory) was 9 years ago. I was surprised at their equipment manufacturing capacity and facilities at that time. Now, its scale has expanded many times. Ge is now cooperating with Shen Gu and the best equipment manufacturer in China

media: however, China's equipment manufacturing industry still fails to compete with Ge to a large extent. When do you think China will become the rival of the US packless shock hose to compete with GE

joe: in China, we do not want to compete with Chinese manufacturing enterprises, but to become partners of Chinese enterprises. For example, in the manufacture of compressors or electric drives, we are actively promoting localization and growing up with local manufacturers or partners in China. We hope to provide local solutions for Chinese customers in the future, rather than international solutions

taking the west section of the second west east gas pipeline as an example, 75% of the raw materials for the auxiliary equipment of the compressor unit are purchased in China. We believe that this proportion will be higher in the near future based on the service experience accumulated for several decades

bring green to the world

media: with the convening of the Copenhagen climate change conference, countries around the world are talking about low-carbon economy and green manufacturing. Has Ge considered this issue

joe:ge tries to maximize the efficiency when manufacturing its own products, so that it can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. In addition, we have also carried out some green energy projects, such as the Gorgon project in Australia, which is the largest carbon dioxide storage technology project in the world, and the injected carbon dioxide can reach four times that of any other project

it is well known that natural gas reserves contain carbon dioxide, which needs to be removed before the gas is liquefied, otherwise it will freeze during the process of liquefied natural gas, which may damage the equipment. At present, the standard practice of all LNG facilities in operation in the world is to centrally discharge carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

in the Gorgon project, Ge will provide core technology to reinjection and store carbon dioxide instead of emptying it. This can greatly reduce the damage to the environment. Six Ge compression production lines operating on the ground will remove 3.3 million tons of carbon dioxide every year and inject it into waste natural gas wells to ensure its safe storage. The carbon dioxide emissions avoided in this process are equivalent to the annual emissions of 630000 passenger cars

media: is there such a project in China

joe: Yes. For example, we are experimenting with recycling waste gas to generate electricity. Our oregentm system can use the waste heat of gas turbines operating in simple cycle mode to generate electricity without additional fuel or water. At present, the technology is being tried to use in the research of waste heat power generation projects of several natural gas booster stations in remote water deficient areas of the second west east gas pipeline project to make contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction

in addition, we also cooperate with Chinese partners to participate in some large-scale steel plant waste heat power generation projects in China. We are also concerned about the green utilization of coal to gas and hope to provide more green technologies for China

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