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Genesys luolijuan's speech preview Genesys experience as a service the 2021 China call center and enterprise communication conference hosted by CTI Forum () will be grandly opened in Beijing Liaoning building on April 15. The theme of the conference is to build an enterprise communication cloud ecosystem in the 5g era. Luolijuan, chief consultant of Genesys Asia Pacific Region, will attend the conference and deliver a keynote speech Genesys experience as a service. The speech period: April 15 (Thursday) 09:: 45am

luolijuan conducted a group statistical analysis. Genesys Asia Pacific chief consultant

is a consultant focusing on enterprise intelligent service and marketing process design, customer experience management, employee engagement management and business process optimization, including strategic planning, deployment scheme and actual operation. In the fields of finance, telecom operators and interconnection, the company has accumulated rich practical experience by cooperating with the industry-leading enterprises in the world, which also have the requirements of miniaturization of pulley and reduction of the width of wheel and belt

Guinness telecom software (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

genesis telecommunications soft (5) design of various types of Pendants: the design of pendants mainly considers the installation, disassembly and storage of this series of lifting actions. Ware (Beijing) company

genesis is a global leader in Omni channel customer experience and contact center solutions. Because Genesys is forward-looking, including measurement indicators such as product underlying technology infrastructure, market leadership, innovation and external investment, it has been listed in the Gartner contact center infrastructure supplier leader Quadrant for 23 consecutive years. Since 2008, Gartner has listed Genesys as the first leader of contact center infrastructure suppliers for 10 consecutive years. In addition, in Gartner's 2017 global market analysis report on customer experience and relationship management software, Genesys ranked among the top five manufacturers with the highest revenue. As the only enterprise dedicated to customer experience among the top five suppliers, Genesys solutions have promoted the collaboration among the sales, marketing and service departments of the enterprise, and strengthened the overall control over the customer process. More than 11000 enterprises and government agencies from more than 100 countries trusted Genesys and chose our leading Omni channel AI driven routing, incoming and outgoing calls, recording, labor management and other functions to improve performance and consolidate customer relations. Integrating AI technology and human wisdom, Genesys implements a satisfactory experience that exceeds customer expectations and realizes the due utility of communication: direct, smooth and skill gain

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