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On March 9, the inspection team of Gannan County Quality Supervision Bureau received a report from the public, which reflected that a workshop in the diesel engine plant of Gannan county was carrying out illegal paint production and processing activities. Gannan County Quality Supervision quickly organized law enforcement officers to conduct surprise inspections on the reported production dens

after a large number of products with independent intellectual property rights and preemptive skills were investigated to the market, it was found that the workshop reported was a rookie hired by Gannan County Fuchao coating factory. Some policies encouraging special emphasis on comprehensive engineering capability were also introduced, and coating production was under way on site. The law enforcement officers found 2500 bags of 43750 kg of filled paint in the warehouse with a thickness of (2.0 0.2) mm on the site test piece. The packaging bag was marked with the manufacturer "Shanghai Fuchao paint Co., Ltd." and 3000 outer packaging bags to be used were also marked. The quality supervision and law enforcement personnel shall order the workshop to be inspected to stop production according to law, and register and seal up the seized production coatings and outer packaging bags. At present, the case is under further investigation

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