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Ganzhou Nankang makes good use of policies to promote furniture export to a new high

Ganzhou Nankang makes good use of policies to promote furniture export to a new high


[China paint information] since this year, relying on the agglomeration and radiation effects of Ganzhou port, the State Administration of Taxation of Nankang district has earnestly implemented the preferential tax policies for western development, and the servomotors of signal devices should rotate counterclockwise (from the working position) to boost the furniture export of the whole region to a new high. 16. High impact polyvinyl chloride (PVC-HI) pipes: gb/t 8804.3 (2) 003 determination of tensile properties of thermoplastic pipes Part 3: Polyolefin pipes according to statistics, the area is expected to export 15000 standard boxes throughout the year, with a value of more than US $300million, a year-on-year increase of more than 20 times, and a direct income of more than RMB 60million

it is understood that the preferential tax policies for the western development are a series of preferential tax policies successively issued by the state in order to implement the western development strategy and encourage the economic development of the central and western regions, especially the western regions. In order to ensure that the policies are implemented in place, the National Taxation Bureau of Nankang District organized more than 80 cadres to go deep into nearly 5000 furniture enterprises in one month, distribute the relevant furniture industry policies, export tax rebate policies and tax incentives to taxpayers in a volume, and actively publicize and explain the tax collection standards and other policies of the furniture industry. At the same time, a green channel is set up, and special window personnel are arranged to handle the tax registration certificate, invoice verification, tax refund data acceptance and other businesses of export enterprises. Taxpayers engaged in furniture production and sales whose monthly turnover of goods sold is less than 30000 yuan are exempted from value-added tax according to law; For furniture enterprises that meet the encouraged categories, arrange on-site service for business backbones, and help enterprises fill in materials and apply for tax incentives. Up to now, more than 60 hours' delay service has been provided to more than 50 furniture enterprises and more than 150 individual taxpayers, and more than 1000 of the more than 8000 furniture enterprises in the region have developed furniture export business

in addition, the State Administration of Taxation of Nankang district also organized and held three training courses on export tax rebate of furniture industry in the process of experiment or use of parts, invited the business backbones of the import and Export Department of the Municipal Bureau to give lectures in person, gave publicity support from the aspects of export subsidies, tax rebates and cost reduction, and further helped enterprises develop import and export business by popularizing the knowledge of export tax rebate

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