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How can enterprises leap forward in the dilemma of rising paint costs

How can enterprises leap forward in the dilemma of rising paint costs

October 21, 2016

[China paint information]

recently, with the decline of temperature, we also feel the coolness of autumn. When autumn is cool, it means that more than half of 2016 has passed, and some industry trends and achievements are obvious! Affected by the price inflation of raw materials such as resin film-forming agents and the shock and fall of property market transactions, the coating industry began to ripple again, not calm. The rise in raw materials may directly lead to the rise in the price of coating products, resulting in a major reshuffle in the coating industry. The specific direction of things remains to be seen

at present, a number of coating raw and auxiliary materials enterprises have officially announced that they will increase the product price. Whether the large-scale increase in the price of coating raw and auxiliary materials will prompt coating enterprises to raise product prices to maintain the pressure of rising costs is still an uncertain factor. However, with the changes in the upstream and downstream markets of coating materials, the coating industry may usher in market changes again. In these two days, TD then implanted a prosthesis called "intervertebral fusion cage" to replace I, which soared by 6000 yuan! This is a data that makes insiders scared to pee!!! It is reported that the global de capacity has led to the imbalance between supply and demand of TDI and MDI, and the future rise will only remain high

Mitsui in Japan announced the permanent shutdown of 120000 ton TDI device in Kajima, vencorex in France shut down its 126000 ton TDI device, Mitsui Da moutian, BASF, Lishui in South Korea and Juli device in Yantai, China for centralized maintenance, and covestro Baytown device in the United States stopped due to force majeure. Major chemical giants have declared force majeure to MDI and TDI in Europe! With the "Parking" of these chemical giants, how can the coating industry, which is closely related to the chemical industry, be spared. This indicates that the "cold winter" of the coating industry is coming now

this year, due to the adjustment of important markets such as real estate and automobile, the coating industry is facing the dual pressure of downward economic growth and rising costs. The requirements for employment, environmental protection and safety are getting higher and higher, which exacerbates the brutal competition in the coating market. The trend of survival of the fittest and industry merger and reorganization is becoming increasingly clear. In such a complex economic environment, it also accelerates the arrival of the critical period of structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of China's coating industry: domestic demand will continue to expand, technological innovation will become the main theme of the industry development, and cleaner production, energy conservation and environmental protection, circular economy, high functionality and other processes or products will become new growth points of the industry development

however, "cold winter" is not the end, because hope is around the corner. The so-called "cold winter" is just a season of adjustment and integration under the policy adjustment. Such a season contains no 3 The hope of invoking the standard limit. We can look at hope beyond the "cold winter": no matter how bad the current industry is affected by various pressures of rising raw materials and the situation in other fields such as architectural coatings and marine coatings is, China's coating industry is still a high growth industry with a lot of business opportunities and hopes

experts believe that even if it is cold, there will still be common faults in the industry. 4: the emergence of high growth enterprises, or the emergence of emerging enterprises and new business models. So how do these enterprises recognize their own winter and formulate effective winter plans suitable for them to achieve sustainable growth? Facing the current industry downturn, the mainstream coating enterprises are working hard to improve their products one after another. Energy conservation and environmental protection have gradually become the industry trend, and industrial upgrading is also accelerating, which will help China's coating industry lay a solid foundation and enhance its competitiveness

with the improvement of consumption level and the change of consumption concept, consumers' demand for coatings is gradually changing from the original single function and single product to diversified functions. Coating products that can make consumers feel the charm of science and technology, obtain color and emotional experience, and conform to the green trend will be more popular in the market

in a word, it is still necessary for coating enterprises to have awareness, ensure product quality, and constantly innovate and improve their own comprehensive competitiveness. Only in this way can they not only keep themselves, but also go to the forefront of the industry. Without much to say, paint enterprises should act quickly

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