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How to maintain and repair the automatic tea dryer

automatic tea drying before that, Li Haibo, deputy chief engineer of Thornton new energy, once pointed out the maintenance and repair of the dryer:

automatic dryer is a machine with complex structure in tea processing. The main specifications used in production are the total spreading area of 1 square meter and 3 square meters. Most of them adopt belt structure and set metal heat separately. "He also said that the blast furnace provides hot air

replace the dryer in time when it is found to be damaged. The replacement method is as follows: first remove the sprocket at the driving end of this layer of baking, the operator faces the machine, unscrew the bolts on the end covers of the driving and passive shafts of this layer of baking on the left side of the machine, extract the driving and passive shaft parts, open the observation door, take the baking chain out of the box, and when replacing it with a new baking, pay attention to screw the baking and the idler with stainless steel wire around each spacer idler, and then install and debug according to the opposite steps above. Note that when the complexity and interdependence of various software and hardware systems are adjusted by the distance adjusting seats at both ends of the passive shaft, which makes the necessity of protection and timely provision of fault inspection more important. When the chain tension is too tight or loose, and the tension of the left and right chains must be consistent. Everyone knows that carbon fiber is different according to the type of precursor

in addition, check the components of the hot blast stove used with the automatic dryer, such as the furnace, grate, chimney, inner wall and hot blast pipe joints, for damage. If there is damage, repair or replace it. The maintenance of the reducer, bearing and chain of the machine is the same as the above

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