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How to build a brand in Baijiu packaging (Part 2)

2. Packaging design should be consistent with product demands. That is to spread the connotation of the brand. Take "jishiyuan" wine as an example. The selling point of this wine lies in the word "Yuan". It can not only be the medium for lovers to talk, but also become the preferred brand for wedding banquet and wedding wine. Therefore, the packaging must focus on these two points. Target or potential consumers may have a desire to consume when they see "jishiyuan", so the packaging of "jishiyuan" can be called a success

3. Design the package according to Pareto 80/20 rule. We still take "jishiyuan" as an example. If 80% of the sales of "jishiyuan" comes from 20% of the wedding banquet market, then in terms of packaging strategy, we should tilt to the appeal of wedding banquet. Through the packaging design, let consumers think that the wedding wine should be "today's fate", or "today's fate" is the best wedding wine. The invisible 80/20 rule has a good guiding role for the packaging, which enables the distillery to use the power of packaging design to influence consumers' purchase decisions as much as possible

4. Wulitou packaging. In fact, it is an innovative packaging strategy, and the most typical work is "Hewang wine" by Wangwang group. "Hewang liquor" is a new type of Baijiu - distilled liquor, which is purer and more beneficial to human body. Why is the packaging of "Hewang liquor" unreasonable? Because it is very different from the packaging of traditional Baijiu. Its design idea inherits the style of other products of Wangwang group - affinity and casualness. This refreshing packaging is very popular, but ultimately died in the cognitive deviation of product positioning. Is "Hewang wine" a healthy wine, pure wine or a wine that highlights the auspicious implication of "Hewang"? A brand is loaded with too much connotation, but it turns out to be "four inconsistencies". The introverted packaging does not play its due role

5. Cost awareness of packaging. The choice of packaging must be cost conscious, which is based on the summary of consumers' psychology. Today, the consumption of Baijiu is more and more rational. As a fast-moving consumer goods, Baijiu also pays attention to cost performance. Only when the quality and price are absolutely competitive can it be favored. Preheating device: Cable core preheating is necessary for insulation extrusion and sheath extrusion. The elegant and luxurious packaging or extreme emphasis will make consumers feel that the wool is slaughtered on the sheep, because in the Baijiu market, it is difficult to achieve a certain grade of wine with a price of about 50 yuan, although its Hotel terminal price may be 100 yuan

6. The trend of packaging materials. Therefore, the health and environmental protection can repair the damaged armor surface on site, which began to receive strong attention from consumers. In this case, it is even better for Baijiu manufacturers to adopt low-cost green packaging. Purple sand packaging, recycled paper packaging and vine packaging will all become the dominant packaging materials, especially vine and recycled paper outer packaging, which will lead the packaging material market with low price and health concept

7. Safety of packaging. The safety of packaging is not only reflected in whether it is environmentally friendly, but also in its sealing performance, whether it is convenient for transportation, and whether it affects the quality of wine and human health. It mainly refers to the packaging of containers. For example, plastic bottles are not conducive to the long-term storage of Baijiu, nor can they reflect the taste of Baijiu. Therefore, the "Jianzhuang" of plastic bottles can only be low-grade products. It considers our technology, including additives for engine oil, transmission oil and other transportation tools, industrial lubricants and additives for gasoline and diesel fuels, and ignores health factors while taking into account transportation factors. In addition, the poor fire resistance of plastic bottles has high requirements on the fire-fighting capacity of storage

a seemingly simple packaging problem actually reflects the market awareness, marketing level, safety awareness, environmental protection concept and cost awareness of Baijiu manufacturers, so the design of white wine packaging technology competition should be comprehensively considered. Packaging can become the market competitiveness of Baijiu. Undoubtedly, it is successful, which is also the policy that Baijiu packaging needs to follow

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