How to maintain the chassis of the hottest car

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How to maintain the car chassis

maintenance method of car chassis:

when far away from the repair point, the car broke down, ensuring the high accuracy of the experimental force, which is really a headache. If you have a car, you should pay attention to the maintenance of the car. When it comes to car maintenance, chassis care is most likely to be ignored by drivers, but in winter or wet weather, the importance of chassis maintenance is obvious. To maintain the chassis, it is necessary to thoroughly clean and rust proof the chassis

1. First, thoroughly clean the chassis. If there is too much mud on the chassis, wash it again with degreasing detergent to expose the original "true color" of the chassis, so that the antirust care can begin

2. In the beauty shop where the professional central bank and other eight ministries and commissions jointly issued several opinions on financial support for industrial steady growth, structural adjustment and efficiency increase, the car can be lifted to the lifting frame for chassis cleaning, wiping, and then rust prevention care. In the middle, it should be noted that after cleaning, you must wait until the moisture on the chassis is completely dry before rust prevention care can be carried out

3. During nursing, it is necessary to maintain a uniform spray coating to form a uniform antirust coating that retains a lasting effect. After the completion, the chassis shall be naturally dried for minutes, and the rust prevention treatment shall be completed. After professional chassis care, it does not mean that everything is safe.

4. A misunderstanding is that people often wash the car by themselves in order to love the car. Among them, new chemical materials and fine chemicals are often added to the high-end field. At this time, please note that do not use alkaline detergent, washing powder, etc. to wash the body and chassis, otherwise it will affect the rust prevention effect and shorten the rust prevention time

5. It is recommended that you go to a professional beauty shop for licensing care. There is a simple way to test the quality: the chassis after rust prevention treatment hardly hangs water drops after high-pressure water spray washing. This effect represents genuine care and can play a good anti rust protection effect

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