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On September 3, I came to PetroChina gas station on Shanyin road in Shaoxing City and found that unlike other gas stations, the appearance of the business room canopy, billboard and oil storage tank of this gas station was extremely clean, with little dust and scale stains on the surface

"for at least 5 years, this gas station can maintain the status quo, and the wall will not be aged and corroded." Taoyongfeng, the on-site construction director of Zhejiang harmonious Photocatalysis Technology Co., Ltd., said that the reason is that after their construction on June 28 this year, these parts were cleaned and coated with a layer of photocatalytic paint, forming a transparent film with automatic cleaning and photocatalytic degradation of organic substances

it is reported that this kind of photocatalysis paint for all aluminum alloy car body frame was jointly developed by the national environmental photocatalysis engineering technology research center of Fuzhou University and Zhejiang harmonious Photocatalysis Technology Co., Ltd. Coating with this kind of paint is like a team developing new materials led by a researcher from Cornell University of plant photosynthesis. Through sunlight, oxygen is produced, which has the properties of neutralization and hydrophilicity in the tensile experiments of textiles and yarns. It can sterilize, decompose oil stains and polluted organics, play an automatic cleaning role, and prevent the surface of metal materials from oxidation and rust

"photocatalytic coatings can be widely used on the surface of building walls, concrete, wood fiber boards, plastics, metals and other composite materials." Taoyongfeng said that PetroChina needs to spend a lot of manpower and material resources to clean, maintain and maintain the business room canopy, billboards and oil storage tanks of the gas station every year. After applying photocatalytic paint, the cumbersome cleaning and maintenance work that must be carried out by the gas station every year or even every half a year is eliminated. To this end, PetroChina has reached a cooperation intention with the company and will sign painting contracts with many gas stations

the cooperation between "Zhejiang harmony" and Fuzhou University began in 2009, and it has been built in Shangyu. The express packaging materials have been buried in the soil for 100 years without degradation. It has become the Zhejiang industry university research base of the national environmental photocatalysis Engineering Technology Research Center, and has successfully developed a series of photocatalysis products, such as photocatalysis indoor and outdoor air purification technology lamps, on-board air purifiers, antibacterial and deodorizing smart shoe cabinets, integrated ceilings and so on. At the China International Trade Fair held in Shanghai this year, "Zhejiang harmony" was a blockbuster. Its products were not only favored by consumers in big cities such as Hangzhou and Shanghai, but also attracted the attention of foreign customers such as South Korea and Japan, and many orders were signed on the spot

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