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Phoenix Contact Wenzhou regional exchange meeting was successfully held

on August 5, 2010, Wenzhou Yueqing Jinding Hotel and Phoenix Contact China Wenzhou regional exchange meeting were successfully held

Wenzhou is expected to reach 700000 vehicles in the whole year. This coastal city with a long history, which has been a barren land with eight mountains, one water and one field since ancient times, is famous at home and abroad for its Wenzhou model in the tide of reform and opening up. At present, 35 National production bases have been formed, of which electrical manufacturing, shoe leather manufacturing, power production and supply industries account for a considerable proportion in China. Naturally, The market development of Wenzhou in Phoenix Contact is of great significance

phoenix contact has always attached great importance to the cooperation and exchange of customers in Wenzhou. As early as the founding of the Chinese company, it has established business contacts with Wenzhou. In recent years, with the strong support of new and old customers in Wenzhou with the development of science and technology, the business development has made rapid progress, and the flower of friendship between Phoenix Contact and Wenzhou has also blossomed

more than 150 customers from various industries were invited to participate in this exchange meeting. As the host, Mr. Ji Peng, the manager of Hangzhou Office, first welcomed the customers. Then, Ms. Miao Jinghong, the senior manager of the electronic interface and Automation Division, introduced the development history of Phoenix Contact in China to the participating customers on behalf of the company headquarters, and emphatically explained the cooperation history between Phoenix Contact and Wenzhou

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the product managers from the product groups of the marketing department introduced the company's full range of products to the participating customers, and the emotional and informative speeches aroused the strong interest of the participating experts. The 18m long product exhibition wall delivered from Nanjing headquarters gave customers a comprehensive three-dimensional display and strong shock. Many customers sincerely said that such a display fully showed Phoenix Contact's boldness and strength as a Dagong to introduce the company's latest thermoplastic carbon fiber composite (CFRTP) technology department. During the tea break, there were always crowds in front of the exhibition wall, and the communication between customers and product managers was very warm

at 6:00 p.m., the meeting officially came to an end. In front of the physical exhibition wall of Phoenix Contact, there were people who talked warmly

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