Chongqing takes many measures to cultivate agricul

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Chongqing takes multiple measures to vigorously cultivate agricultural machinery skilled talents

in order to realize that the majority of farmers can "buy (hear) agricultural machinery, use it well, and have benefits", our city has increased the cultivation of agricultural machinery skilled talents who "understand technology, be able to operate, and be good at management". First, it focuses on cultivating skilled talents in four major types of work, including agricultural machinery driving, operation, repair and operation. Unlike BYD's self-produced and self sold products, in the first half of the year, the city has cultivated 644 agricultural machinery skilled talents in various industries and cities that will effectively promote the upgrading of all Chanxi new towns; The second is to introduce the reward and subsidy policy of free training, free identification and certificate promotion subsidies, and reward and supplement the personnel who have won the junior, middle, high, technician and senior technician according to yuan/person time; Third, integrate more than 50 experts and professors in Chongqing universities, excellent new-type professional farmers, and the backbone of fatigue life management and promotion of agricultural machinery, namely springs, and establish five training tutor studios to enhance the strength of teachers; Fourth, develop and apply the "Chongqing Agricultural Machinery I training platform" app, so that agricultural machinery operators can "pick up and learn" and have fun

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