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Phoenix Contact Industrial Ethernet & wireless communication technology forum bloomed Chongqing

on April 13, 2011, Phoenix Contact Industrial Ethernet and wireless communication technology application Summit Forum came to Chongqing again after 2009. The conference was held at Howard Johnson International Trade Hotel in Chongqing, and the actively participating customer representatives made the venue with 180 people full. Customer groups mainly come from automobile, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries

this is a wonderful follow-up to the successful first stop of the industrial Ethernet wireless communication technology forum of XX and XX universal laboratory machine in Guangzhou when many customers purchase in 2011

a total of well-known professional manufacturers such as phoenix contact, Siemens and enchang were invited to participate in this meeting, bringing customers new industrial Ethernet technology and product trend information

after Mr. litianjiao, editor in chief of international industrial automation, gave a warm and brief welcome speech, Yang Rui, product manager from Phoenix Contact automation product group, introduced the development process of Phoenix Contact wireless technology and the development trend of global wireless technology to customers in Chongqing; Comprehensive product technical solutions from WLAN to Bluetooth, trustedwireless technology to gsm/gprs technology; And phoenix contact has newly released FL WLAN EPA 5N, a second-generation product for wireless communication in modern logistics industry, and its typical applications in world-renowned logistics manufacturing enterprises. Finally, it introduces the typical application cases and application experiences of Phoenix Contact wireless technology in various industries including tobacco/Automobile/metallurgy/machinery manufacturing/water treatment in recent years

Mr. Ji Qin of the marketing department of Phoenix Contact mentioned in his speech: with the wide application of industrial Ethernet in various industries, reliable network connection is particularly important. Phoenix contact is an excellent pioneer of automatic connection technology in the industry; From industrial Ethernet connection components to field wiring, it can provide a comprehensive industrial Ethernet installation solution to help users truly realize one-to-one reliable communication; At the same time, take this forum to release the new products of Hannover 2011 to the audience

similarly, Siemens, enchang and other brands from the industry also showed their characteristics and highlights in the field of network technology and wireless, and jointly presented to the audience the bustling market in the field of industrial Ethernet where a hundred schools of thought contend and a hundred flowers bloom. When mineral products are transported to the domestic market, they will also be affected by logistics conditions and other factors

phoenix contact also specially installed the installation method of the steel bar forward and reverse zigzag experimental machine: it lined up at the forum site to display the physical products of gongshenhua class 1 Hebei terminal 10 company, and discussed the development and trend of industrial Ethernet and wireless communication technology face-to-face with the majority of participants

next, the industrial Ethernet and wireless communication technology application Summit Forum will be held at the following time and place. Your attention and participation are welcome:

2011.5.25 Nanjing

2011.6.22 Xi'an

2011.7.20 Shenyang

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