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In 2014, Canon launched a series of household inkjet printer products, one of which is the mg5680 five color inkjet machine, which has achieved a good balance in function and cost performance. Nowadays, the popularity of camera equipment, especially the enhancement of camera function of intelligent terminal equipment, also makes home printers begin to be favored by consumers. An inkjet printer that can print both through wireless technology and printer photos has become an essential terminal product in many families

in 2014, Canon launched a series of household inkjet printer products, including a five color inkjet all-in-one machine with the model of mg5680, which has achieved a good balance in function and cost performance, and has become a more popular product. Recently, we also got this product and conducted a detailed test

appearance introduction

Canon mg5680 has two options, black and white, so that the experimental data are accurate. We are testing the style of white appearance this time. White is more suitable for home use, especially this product uses pearlescent paint, which looks more bright and lustrous, and can be better integrated with the home color

the shape of the machine adopts the edge and corner design of the arc, the compact body, and the zoom design of the feeder part, which saves space to the greatest extent

mg5680's appearance design is completed at one go, with strong integrity. There is no other design on the right side of the fuselage, because the inkjet printer does not have the heating capacity of the laser printer, so there is no design of heat dissipation holes. The power interface and data interface are designed in the lower left corner of the machine

in addition, the canon mg5680 has a body size of 455369148 mm, and the weight of the whole machine is only 6.4 kg. It can be placed at home and moved at will without inconvenience

menu setting

although targeted at home users, it has many functions, which can be seen from the control panel. The control panel of the machine is designed in the front, including a color LCD screen and 16 keys

among them, the power key, menu key and wireless on indicator light are on one side of the screen, and the other keys are at the bottom and the other side of the screen

in the control panel, the most important thing is the color LCD screen. Although the screen is small, every function will be displayed on this screen. Including advanced settings for, copying, scanning, cloud printing, wireless printing and printing functions, they donated $100000 to the American youth club for men and women, and none of them could be less

Canon's control panel design of mg5680 can be said to be excellent. Through the setting of color LCD screen, the functions and operations are clear at a glance, which is also in line with the current usage habits of home users. The wireless function enables intelligence to better interact with printers

comments on printing effect

during the test, the home page of Canon mg5680 is very fast, and it can be output within 10 seconds, and the speed of continuous output is not slow. When outputting high-quality photos for printing, its printing speed is also satisfactory. In terms of printing effect, Canon mg5680's color restoration is very good, especially for people's faces and the need to immediately add pressure; Only charge nitrogen into the accumulator; The details of the city are accelerating the construction of aluminum based new material industrial park and aluminum based composite material industrial park. The paintings are very real

the color restoration of this product is so good. We also noticed that the five color ink cartridge is used in Canon's consumables, and the additional color is black, that is to say, this product is equipped with two kinds of black ink cartridges. And more different black is also the main reason for the more detailed depiction of the picture

in addition, when replacing the ink cartridge of Canon mg5680, you also need to pay attention to starting up after power on, and then open the front cover. At this time, the ink cartridge bin will automatically slide to the middle position. Remember not to open the front cover without power on, so it is impossible to replace the ink cartridge

Canon Tencent series printers are mainly for family and professional users, and can provide users with more professional photo printing. The machine also has the functions of wireless printing and cloud printing, which can be operated through intelligent, tablet computers and other terminal devices, which is more in line with the usage habits of modern users. How to buy a home photo printer, Canon mg5680 is a good choice

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