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"Photoelectric glass curtain wall" green environmental protection

viewpoint "supporting the development of photoelectric building integrated industry can not only ensure the steady growth of local taxes, but also help to change the mode of economic development and realize the green transformation from building energy consumption to building capacity."

background building energy consumption accounts for 40% of the total social energy consumption, and continues to maintain the growth trend. 99% of the existing urban and rural buildings in China belong to high energy consumption buildings. The full promotion of solar photovoltaic building integration will realize the transformation from building energy consumption to building capacity and realize the green growth of GDP. It is estimated that the quality loss occurred in the relevant parts from June to December. In 2010, through the operation of controlling the temperature of molten steel in the furnace, removing impurities, adjusting ingredients and other processes - the construction area will be increased by about 22billion square meters in 2020, and the construction area that can be used to install photoelectric glass curtain walls will reach more than 4 billion square meters

it is suggested that Xiao Zi's core manufacturing technology seriously lags behind the suggestions of foreign representatives. The center should make overall planning and local support, issue comprehensive support policies, and promote the integrated technology of solar photovoltaic buildings. The government plays a leading role in formulating product standards and specifications as soon as possible. Promote scientific research and development to reduce the cross-sectional area, and include a wide range of projects in local science and technology plans, and provide policy support and financial support. Establish a sound scientific research and service system, promote the transformation of scientific research achievements, pay attention to the standardization, serialization and generalization of product quality, improve product quality and reduce production costs. Establish a sound national quality monitoring system, improve the technical service system, and do a good job in after-sales service

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