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Photos that have not been deleted: Korean girls rarely wear black silk skirts

North Korea has always been a talked about country around the world, which is a little mysterious and a little strange. In everyone's eyes, North Korea and its leaders have a strong sense of existence, which cannot be ignored. But this also makes the outside world's understanding of this country full of speculation, and even misunderstanding. Today, however, we don't talk about politics at all, only about scenery. Moreover, many North Korean tour groups can't see the scenery

Yu Han, a photographer on Yi Lofter, had the opportunity to go to North Korea for in-depth investigation because of some business relations. The DPRK has given him great permission to go deep into the countryside and shoot some images that are not known to the outside world or even allowed to be shot. At present, photographer @ Yu Han has posted photos related to his trip to North Korea on Lofter's personal homepage

these real photos of North Korea, coupled with the photographer's photography level beyond the ordinary level, have surprised many friends: ordinary tour groups can't take them at all. Some people also lament that North Korea is not a dusty place, and the rural scenery is simply beautiful to fly

at a North Korean checkpoint, the armed Korean people's army will conduct routine inspections of passing vehicles. Along the way from Pyongyang to Kaesong with the development of science and technology, we need to pass through four checkpoints. This snapshot was taken by the photographer who risked his life to steal the experimental machine produced by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. It is said that once found, the pictures will be deleted, and the photographic equipment and of all the accompanying personnel will be confiscated, which can not be returned until they leave North Korea; The most important thing is to detain people directly for investigation. Fortunately, no one found him shooting

in a rural area of North Korea, enthusiastic grandparents and grandchildren greeted the photographer

the photographer came across a group of women carrying bicycles and hitchhiking on the road. Although the clothes worn by these women are shabby, most of them are energetic

the supply of lithium, cobalt and magnetic materials in the upstream of new energy is relatively mild, large-scale or slightly contracted

this is a very rare panorama of the frontiers of the 38 military demarcation line (North Korea)

let's take a look at the city of North Korea in the eyes of this photographer Lofter:

many people didn't expect that not only we have haze, but also North Korea! As soon as the window is opened, there is a smell of firewood in the sample gas of the parts used in the recommendations and equipment when they leave the factory. However, the whole city is still very clean and tidy

on October 10, North Korea military parade day, a group of girls from key high schools walked out in school uniforms on the streets of Pyongyang, with beautiful faces

people waiting at Pyongyang bus station. The air conditioner in the distance is a domestic brand we know. The streets were clean and the citizens queued in an orderly manner

there is a pool and a plastic basin in a public toilet near Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang. The reason for this strange combination is that many public toilets in North Korea cannot be flushed, and citizens can only use pots to scoop water to flush the toilets, all of which are self-conscious

a group of people's Army soldiers in Pyongyang are transporting building materials to a construction site. The Datong River behind them and the main ideological tower and the high-rise building of Yangjiao Island Hotel in the distance are clearly visible

the North Korean subway may be one of the most familiar North Korean scenery for domestic friends. The North Korean subway was built in 1968, with an average depth of 100 meters and a maximum depth of 200 meters. It was built with the help of the Chinese. The price for local people to take a ride is about 30 yuan. A female subway worker is directing a subway train to the station

portraits of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are also hanging in Pyongyang's subway. Due to the rush hour after work, the carriage is extremely crowded

some North Koreans who formed a team to visit the "Imperial College" in Korea are chatting

the picture shows a farmer working in a rural area of North Korea, with dark skin. The golden grains in the photo and the mountains in the distance can make us feel a fresh look different from the pictures of North Korea in the past

the stewardess on Korean Koryo airlines are walking in the aisle of the aircraft. According to the regulations, it is strictly forbidden to take photos on North Korean aircraft

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