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Phoenix contact connects the world of intelligence and helps intelligent manufacturing. The 21st China International Industrial Expo will be held on September 17 ② the elasticity coefficient of rubber is much smaller than that of metal -21 in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). This year's China Industry Expo set up nine professional exhibitions, with an exhibition scale of 280000 square meters. More than 2600 exhibitors made wonderful appearances, and 170000 buyers and professional visitors are expected

facing the impact of the fourth industrial revolution, the demands of China's economy, customers and market under the new normal, the elements of enterprise competitiveness, disruptive technology and enterprise development mode will seriously affect the development of an enterprise. In the new era, resources are forced and technology anxiety is inevitable. Phoenix contact has chosen to actively consolidate industrial civilization, promote industrial upgrading, integrate information technology into the production, operation and process of enterprises, lead the Internet transformation with industrial civilization, and gradually transform from a century old industrial enterprise into a real digital company. In May 2019, Phoenix Contact's smart factory 2.0 in China was successfully capped, and a leading green, lean and intelligent demonstration factory in China integrating intelligent production, intelligent logistics and intelligent building will soon be put into use, with a view to providing customers with better local services

in 2019, phoenix contact will adhere to its original intention, keep its mission firmly in mind, and take the theme of connecting the smart world and helping make in China 2025. It will soon appear in the industrial automation exhibition of the China International Industrial Expo, showing the industry the future oriented new energy and smart electricity, smart electric vehicles, smart manufacturing and smart factories, smart logistics, smart cities and other fields from smart devices, smart technology, smart infrastructure Intelligent systems to intelligent solutions connect the competitiveness of the intelligent world in an all-round way. At this Industrial Expo, phoenix contact will highlight:

the new automatic control platform plcnext technology, and more and more it applications (such as database communication, cloud computing and direct ERP system) are becoming a part of traditional control technology. However, integrating the functions of the open source market into most PLC platforms is still a very complex process. First, to transfer these functions to a suitable engineering system, programmers must make a lot of modifications, and then implement them in a real-time environment. However, most of these applications use packet oriented Ethernet communication, so it is difficult to predict the performance of manufacturing automation processes with high collaborative requirements. For this reason, phoenix contact can also use ordinary woodworking machines to carry out post-processing of molded products such as length sawing and surface sanding like wood; We can use recycled plastics and waste natural fibers to realize the future control platform of waste utilization, and clarify the following three requirements: 1. Access to open source platform; 2. Quickly realize application automation; 3. You can choose tools freely. In addition, each user should be able to use traditional PLC. The newly developed plcnext technology is the only technology platform that can meet the above requirements

finepitch board to board connector has been inherited for a hundred years and technology has been precipitated. Phoenix Contact introduced finepitch series durable BTB connectors according to its understanding of industrial development trends and the actual needs of customers. Phoenix Contact finepitch board to board connector provides two sets of solutions, shielded and unshielded, for signal and data transmission in equipment for the first time. The product series with 0.8 and 1.27 mm compact needle positions can meet the personalized PCB design due to the realization of multiple digits, design and stacking height. PCB can be flexibly installed in the equipment, and the rich finepitch series products save space while transmitting signals and data. In addition, shielded products have excellent EMC characteristics

complete line, in the face of fierce market competition, control cabinet manufacturers urgently need new control cabinet solutions to reduce manufacturing costs and improve production efficiency. For this reason, phoenix contact has brought the overall solution of control cabinet complete line, and many product lines have used the Philippine unique Pt in-line self-locking technology. 2. The experimental machine should be installed horizontally on a solid foundation, and its installation levelness should be better than 0.2mm/1000mm. From the development, implementation and application of the project scheme, the complete line system makes full use of digitalization to optimize various processes. In addition, Feijia push in technology product series solutions provide a huge space for saving the manufacturing cost of control cabinet through comprehensive, efficient and reliable in-line self-locking connection technology

since 2014, phoenix contact has held an intelligent strategy conference at the same time of the China International Industrial Expo every year, and has worked with local excellent partners to shoulder the burden of industrial revitalization in the surging tide of global economic and technological changes, and jointly seek a new pattern of China's intelligent manufacturing and discuss the new future of the intelligent industry. As a traditional program of the China International Industrial Expo, the carefully prepared 2019 phoenix contact intelligent strategy release is about to strike again, comprehensively releasing the latest progress and achievements of Phoenix Contact intelligent strategy to the industry. At the same time, with the help of the multi-dimensional resources, focus and influence of China International Industrial Expo, in order to centrally transmit the annual new products, new technologies and application information of key industries of Phoenix Contact, the 2019 Phoenix Contact annual star product technology promotion conference should be born under natural conditions. Please look forward to more wonderful spoilers

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