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Fenghuang county took the lead in publishing the "intangible cultural heritage" series

intangible cultural heritage has been handed down from generation to generation with written materials. A few days ago, Fenghuang county organized human and material resources to compile a series of intangible cultural heritage books. Two monographs, the history of Miao medicine and a brief examination of tea lanterns and Yang opera, have been published and distributed by China culture and history publishing house with the arrival of the lighting replacement period. It is reported that this is a pioneering move in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture and even the whole province

Fenghuang county is a multi-ethnic County, and Miao and Tujia Nationalities alone account for more than 60% of the total population of the county. Therefore, cultural forms, especially intangible cultural heritage, are not only rich and colorful, extensive and profound, but also have national and regional characteristics. According to the census results of the county, 12. According to the second step, the county has 2644 kinds of intangible cultural heritage projects, among which a number of folk cultural brands such as Miao drum dance and Miao medicine have been listed in the national and provincial protection lists

in order to protect these precious cultural heritage, in recent years, Fenghuang County has established an intangible cultural heritage protection center, subsidized the project inheritors with an annual activity fund of 600 yuan, and organized elite soldiers to carry out the compilation of intangible cultural heritage series. After six months of repeated polishing, Wu Yi's manuscript, "the history of Miao medicine BASF made contributions to the Landsea project in Shanghai, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shaoxing, Chengdu, Wuhan and other places", and "a brief examination of tea lantern and Yang opera" was finally published. In particular, Mr. Shen Congwen's handwritten reply to the author of Miao medicine more than 30 years ago has now been officially available to readers, adding a touch of color to the intangible cultural heritage treasure house of Fenghuang County

the 21st National Book Trade Expo was unveiled at Harbin International Conference Center yesterday. The on-site visit found that the total exhibition area reached 63000 square meters, and more than 300000 kinds of publications were displayed. However, behind the lively scene, there were frequent worries about the decline of e-books and the low-cost dumping of online bookstores, which had become two bottlenecks restricting the development of books

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