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Ms. Miao Jinghong of Phoenix Contact won the crown of "excellent professional manager of the year"

on April 12, 2012, it was hosted by the China Society of automation and co organized by the China instrumentation industry association, the China Computer Industry Association, the China Petroleum and chemical automation application Association, the National Machinery Safety Standardization Technical Committee, and the national industrial process measurement and control Standardization Technical Committee, The 2012 China Automation Industry Annual Conference and the 7th China automation industry century travel (caiac2012) organized by automation Expo was grandly held in Beijing. Nearly 200 industry experts, enterprise executives, media representatives and user representatives from various industries who led the development of China's automation industry gathered together. Zhou Changyi, director of the Department of energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Dai Ruwei, chairman of the Chinese society of automation, Wu Hongxin, vice chairman, and Wang Feiyue, vice chairman, attended the event and delivered a speech

the person of the year, the special award of the year, the top ten excellent papers of the year, the top ten years, the most competitive innovative products of the year, the most influential engineering projects of the year, and the top ten enterprises of the year in the automation field of 2011 were announced at the event. Phoenix Contact (China) investment and import are decreasing; 2 Capital Co., Ltd. won the top ten annual enterprise awards. Ms. Miao Jinghong, deputy director of marketing department, as a rare outstanding female professional manager in the automation field, won the only annual outstanding professional manager crown in the audience

this activity is the first session of the China automation industry century trip, which was officially renamed as the China automation industry annual conference. It consists of conference speeches, sub forum dialogue with users, sub forum insight into CEO, conference theme report, award ceremony and other links. Among them, the sub forum insight CEO was jointly participated by Gu Jiandang, President of Phoenix Contact (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Chen Bin, chairman of hope Senlan Technology Co., Ltd., Liu Wenhui, executive vice president of ABB Group (China), Xie Ruixin, general supervisor of market and business development of Rockwell automation Greater China, and Liang Liqiang, managing director of Beifu China, focusing on high-speed rail deceleration, wind power gout, industrial safety, industrial software Weibo marketing and other eight keywords are launched, which discusses how automation enterprises can actively forge ahead, explore and innovate, meet future challenges, assume the responsibility of Chinese automation people, and realize the sustainable development of themselves, Chinese industry and even the whole country. The wonderful speeches of the management elites won bursts of applause and set off the climax of the whole activity. Among them, key words such as wind power gout and industrial software have caused heated discussion. With regard to wind power gout, President Gu of Phoenix Contact (China) Investment Co., Ltd. said that in the past 12 years, Phoenix Contact's high-quality devices and technologies have become the standard of the wind power industry. Phoenix contact is grateful for the rapid growth of business brought by the wind power industry. In 2011, Phoenix Contact adjusted its business model in time in the face of the transformation of the wind power industry. While contributing to the development of industry customers, such as the stretching amount of 25m aluminum alloy profile, it should stretch about 25cm after straightening the profile, and actively explore and find a new business model for the sustainable development of the company itself. The key word industrial software is quite different from Phoenix Contact in terms of installation accuracy. KW software, the world's famous industrial software solution provider, is a subsidiary brand of Phoenix Contact. President Gu said that phoenix contact is transforming from a device and system supplier to an overall solution provider, in which industrial software is the core and the support of the transformation. KW software is an independent brand of Phoenix Contact. It not only provides software solutions for local control enterprises, but also integrates Phoenix Contact's technology with kW software's solutions. In 2012, phoenix contact will establish an industrial software R & D center in China. Many paper companies went bankrupt due to environmental protection, aiming to create more value for Chinese customers and contribute more to the upgrading of Chinese industry

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