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Dr. Du Pinsheng of Phoenix Contact: automation has achieved the "12th Five Year Plan"

the golden time for automation development has come to

2010, and the economic development of many enterprises is very fast. What is the root cause of such rapid growth? After analysis, automation is the driving force of the overall revival of the economic situation in 2010, and the growth of automation enterprises in 2010 greatly exceeded GDP; The development of automation has stimulated domestic demand and entered new energy and new markets; The progress of society cannot be separated from the development of automation technology. We need to raise automation technology to such a high level. After the economic crisis in 2009 and the economic development in 2010, we found that the golden time for the development of automation has come

the key points, difficulties and breakthroughs of the 12th Five Year Plan

seven key points: energy conservation and environmental protection, new information technology, biomedicine, new equipment technology, new energy, new natural resources and environmental protection transportation;

three difficult points: independent innovation research and development team, sound industrial structure and industry leaders with sustainable development;

breakthrough points: new fields and new energy New technology

the relationship and role between the development of automation technology and the 12th Five Year Plan

(1) the development of automation technology will make an important contribution to solving the growing social problems

environmental warming, lack of raw materials, requiring efficiency and energy conservation

the proportion of population growth and the improvement of living standards put forward higher requirements for transportation, diet and water supply

automation is an important part of China's development. If China wants to become a country with leading independent innovation technology, production automation and automation products must be more advanced and reliable. Only in this way can we ensure the long-term sustainable development of the economy

(2) automation technology is the basis of the progress and development of human society

as a partner of mankind, automation technology is developed by mankind to solve various technical problems and solutions

automation technology has played an inestimable role in solving human health and ensuring the quality of life of the elderly

automation technology plays a role in protecting human beings from disasters

for the increasingly complex system at present, it is unimaginable without automation technology. Automation not only solves conventional problems, local problems, but also mainly looks at the problems to be solved in a system, which plays a guiding role in decision-making

(3) automation technology is a programmatic basic discipline for the application, optimization and research of new products, new processes and new technologies

the practical application of new products and processes requires automation technology

automation is an application technology, through which solutions in various fields can be achieved

new products and processes should meet the needs of actual working conditions. Automation technology can be adjusted and optimized, so that new technologies can quickly enter the market and produce social effects. At the same time, the application of automation technology also improves the economic value of new products and new processes

for the research and development of cutting-edge technologies, such as biotechnology or new renewable energy, a lot of investment is needed. For automation technology, improving the storage tank technology of automatically loosening the cylinder is the basic guarantee for the development of these new technologies. Automation technology is the application technology that must be developed when these new technologies are applied to practice

ten necessary conditions for the development of automation technology

the importance of automation technology for economic and technological development must be highly valued in politics, education and society, and all institutions and organizations engaged in automation must reach a consensus on the continuous development of automation

automation technology must be widely publicized 1 Affirmation of fatigue life: under given failure conditions, social public opinion and politicians should understand that the progress of industry and society cannot be separated from the development of automation

the achievements and experience achieved through the development of automation technology today must be continuously guaranteed in the future

provide strong economic input to the internationally leading German automation technology, and the sponsored units can choose their own research topics

as a science and technology center dominated by automation technology, it must occupy the outstanding leading position of automation technology

based on the premise of market and enterprise technology development, we must strengthen the standardization in the field of automation

we must take various ways to strengthen the technical exchange in the field of automation, and vigorously promote the cooperation and exchange between users, scientific research experts, manufacturers and successors in the field of automation

there are clear paths and schemes for the future development of automation technology and the solutions expected in different fields. At the same time, fully estimate the impact of new technologies on automation technology

adhering to the open development of automation requires special talents, and we must cultivate outstanding scientific researchers, engineers, technicians and skilled workers engaged in automation technology

attach great importance to the training of successors in the field of automation. Students must love technical work from middle school, especially in the automation industry

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