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Phoenix Contact takes you to imagine the future smart world

as one of the important participants and promoters of industry 4.0, phoenix contact will display a variety of devices, systems and automation solutions for the future smart world at SIAF 2016

Phoenix Contact showed innovative technologies and overall solutions suitable for intelligent manufacturing, with complete products and a strong lineup, covering wireless technology from sensor to network layer widely used in intelligent manufacturing, comprehensive security solutions, innovative electronic interface wiring products, programmable logic relays, the latest signal transmission technology On the other hand, electrical and mechanical resistance has reached the highest level in the industry, including trio II uninterruptible industrial power supply and UPS, the latest connectors and electronic enclosures, as well as intelligent solutions for the automotive industry and wind power industry

at the same time, the audience can also see the outstanding contributions made by Phoenix Contact in the fields of smart connection, open network interconnection, proficloud cloud cloud technology and so on

trio II power supply

trio II power supply is the latest power supply series launched by Phoenix Contact. Provide customers with high-end power performance at competitive prices. It adopts in-line wiring technology, and achieves the high-end level of the current industry in terms of electrical and mechanical resistance. It can ensure the lasting and stable operation of your system

inline series IO products

inline series IO products have many types of i/o and functional modules, and support all mainstream fieldbus and industrial Ethernet systems. You can easily combine your unique automation system for tensile tests as needed. The product adopts the spring terminal connection technology, and the wiring terminal can be easily separated from the electronic module. Extended i/o includes safety module and intrinsic safety module, which ensures that our products can be applied in some occasions with special requirements. We provide integrated and modular products for users to choose flexibly

psrmini ultra thin safety relay

psrmini safety relay includes two series of products for machinery manufacturing industry and process industry. The product has ultra-thin characteristics, and the minimum thickness is only 6.8mm, which can save the space in the cabinet to the greatest extent. In addition, it also has high compatibility, and can access a variety of safety devices including safety doors, emergency stops, and gratings, which can meet the requirements of cat 4/pl e and silcl3 safety level requirements. We also provide spring or screw wiring products for users to choose flexibly

axiocontrol control control system it powered automation phoenix contact control technology

axiocontrol control control system is an important part of Phoenix Contact it powered automation, and it is also a new control system suitable for various complex applications

axiocontrol control control system is developed based on a brand-new platform and adopts brand-new technology in design, integration, performance and other aspects. Breakthrough gray appearance and ultra-high industrial design standards make it more suitable for industrial field application environment. Modular design and in-line wiring technology ensure the fastest system integration. It fully supports PROFINET real-time industrial Ethernet, and the backplane bus is used for communication between modules to ensure the highest system availability

proficloud customized cloud technology for industry easily realizes industry 4.0

the PROFINET Industrial Ethernet bus technology launched by Phoenix Contact has been widely used in the industrial field. In the professional exhibition area, special aluminum alloy plates, aluminum alloy industrial profiles, aluminum materials for construction, aluminum forgings for vehicles and other products and technical services are widely used. PROFINET is fully compatible with general Ethernet and it technology, It can seamlessly connect the office network and production control network in the factory. At present, with the trend of industry 4.0, more and more customers have put forward the demand of remote control and communication, and even hope to integrate the third-party intelligent equipment and data into the PROFINET control system. Phoenix contact has developed the cloud technology customized by proficloud for Industry in response to such needs, which can easily realize these needs

solutions for the automotive industry

the life cycle of automotive products is getting shorter and shorter, but the categories are becoming richer and diverse. This means that you need to adapt to market changes and adopt a flexible production system. Phoenix Contact integrates it automation technology to help you build a fast, economical and reliable automobile production line

on the basis of following the mainstream information technology standards, phoenix contact has developed automation technology integrating it for industrial applications

programmable logic controller (PLC for short) is the core element of the solution we provide you. It has some characteristics applicable to the automotive industry. At the same time, it can also play a communication role as the communication center of the production line

in addition to safety data, Phoenix Contact integrated it automation technology can also provide and process production status information

therefore, during the production process, PLC can provide all information about the operation of the system. In this way, whether these information is related to the production cycle or resource utilization, PLC can continuously optimize the production process

wind turbine lightning monitoring system solution wind turbine lightning early warning expert

the lightning monitoring system provided by Phoenix Contact can enable the wind turbine to obtain the lightning data received by your system, and help you choose the best system maintenance scheme. Lm-s detects and analyzes all important lightning current parameters. Based on this information, you can determine whether the system needs inspection or maintenance. The data acquisition unit can be integrated into the standard network system through RJ45 Ethernet interface. The internal web server can be used to access the recorded data and system configuration. Flexible system integration can be achieved by using standard network technology. Users can choose WLAN wireless communication system or remote control system with Profibus and CANopen protocol conversion

wind turbine blade load stress monitoring system solution wind turbine blade intelligent steward

blade is the key component of wind turbine. The fan blade bears strong stress, which often causes structural damage and affects the service life. The load stress detection solution of fan blades provided by Phoenix Contact can detect blade damage at an early stage by continuously monitoring blade load and vibration. Based on these monitoring data, the wind turbine can be optimized and adjusted. It can still maintain good chemical stability, so as to minimize the pressure on the blades

tower lighting solutions tower lighting fan safety assurance

phoenix contact has many years of experience in the wind power industry and can provide reliable complete sets of tower lighting systems. The maintenance free LED lighting system developed by the company can provide the best lighting for the workbench and escape passage. The uninterrupted central power supply ensures uninterrupted lighting even in the event of power failure. Maintenance technicians can easily read the charging capacity and expected service life of the battery. In addition, the solution is equipped with a fast power distributor, which can be installed without professional electrical personnel

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