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Phoenix Paper invested more than 3 million yuan a year to purify waste gas and sewage

came to Nanning National Economic Development Zone and mentioned Guangxi Nanning Phoenix Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Phoenix Paper). Many Nanning people knew little about the professional manufacturers whose products were exported to Vietnam and South Korea. This paper mill used to suffer complaints from residents because of odor pollution. How about the energy conservation and emission reduction of Phoenix paper

Qin Zhengxiong, deputy general manager of Phoenix Paper Co., Ltd., told that in the past, the company had been using domestic odor treatment systems that depended entirely on electric energy. Once there was a power failure or failure, the odor would directly spill into the air, bringing unpleasant odor to the surrounding residents. At the beginning of this year, Phoenix Paper purchased a pulp and paper odor treatment system from Finland. At present, the new odor treatment system is under commissioning and is expected to be installed before June 10, and will be officially put into use at the end of June. At that time, even if there are abnormal phenomena such as power failure, the odor will not overflow and the surrounding residents will have fresh air

Phoenix paper took the lead in establishing the first decolorization project of pulp and paper wastewater in China. In the past, the appearance of sewage discharged by enterprises felt black, and it turned brown after a little treatment. After enterprises strengthened the warming treatment of the international market, it turned brown, and transparency was the highest standard pursued by sewage decolorization. The performance indicators of raw materials such as PP or PE resin had a huge impact on the performance of the diaphragm. Qin Zhengxiong said: it is our goal to treat the sewage into a transparent color. The water quality is the same as that of the upper reaches of the Yongjiang river. It can be directly used to irrigate the green seedlings in the urban area. The single step processing of laminations in an integrated process is in sewage decolorization. In the past two years, Phoenix paper has invested more than 3 million yuan in water a year

in the past, the raw materials used by Phoenix paper have always been logs. Facing the turbulent wave of energy conservation and the shortage of raw materials in the domestic log market in recent years, the company is also gradually innovating to continuously reduce energy consumption. Now, they have successfully used the wood and leftover materials originally used for firewood charcoal and construction backlog around Nanning as production raw materials. In 2006, the utilization of waste materials like this has reached 80% of the use of raw materials in Phoenix paper

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