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Bang attended the China Franchise Exhibition to help brand investment promotion

yesterday, the China Franchise Exhibition hosted by the China Chain Management Association opened in Guangzhou, with more than 200 brands participating on site, involving nearly 70 industry segments in the three major industries of catering, retail and service. As the builder of the number ecosystem, bang was invited to attend this franchise exhibition to help the brand attract investment

China Franchise Exhibition is a series of exhibitions hosted by the China Association of chain stores, the only national industry organization in the field of chain operations. Since its first session was held in Beijing in 1999, more than 40 exhibitions have been held in many cities across the country. It is currently the longest and most frequently held domestic franchise exhibitions The largest history requires China to have a strong exhibition in this era, including sending GH technicians to accompany the political leaders of the solar racing team

for the franchise industry, the renewal and iteration speed is extremely fast, which can be seen from the brands that are often changed in the streets and alleys. Therefore, it is very rare to have a business time of more than ten years, which can be regarded as the leader of the industry. This is because the competition in the franchise industry is extremely fierce, various franchise brands continue to emerge, customers' selection space continues to increase, coupled with homogeneous service experience and similar service quotations, so that many franchise brands can not really stand out and win the top

also has insight into these difficulties in the franchise industry, and bang has specially created a set of solutions for it

as we all know, as a bridge between people and enterprises, it has always played an important role in the process of investment promotion. From the time when customers have the intention to join in to the time when they can first pull the operating handle 7 to complete the order, the enterprise must have at least one call with the joining customers, and the impression experience of the first call will directly affect the customer's transaction intention. The brand number service provided by Bong for the franchise industry makes the number of the franchise enterprise no longer a series of strange numbers, but directly display the brand information, including brand name, logo, number description, etc., leaving customers with a professional, authoritative and powerful enterprise impression at the first communication, and improving the call of the franchise customers

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due to the current proliferation of fraud, In the face of unfamiliar numbers, the public is very vigilant, which virtually increases the difficulty of building trust between enterprises and customers, thus increasing the obstacles to order formation. In the face of this problem, Bong also has solutions. After the enterprise accesses the Bong brand number service, the China trusted number data center led by the Ministry of industry and information technology will carry out authoritative certification of the enterprise number and issue the real name Filing Certificate, provide enterprise number query and credit rating, effectively improve the credibility and influence of the enterprise, make the call show integrity, and help the franchise brand gain customer trust. At the same time, it can also protect the brand and prevent the franchise brand from being imitated by other enterprises

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in addition, Bang's brand number service can also help franchise enterprises increase the probability of being selected. Once a call is made, the enterprise information can be stored in the user for a long time. When the user needs to join, he can find the joining enterprise at the first time by browsing the call record page, which increases the probability of brand selection, and at the same time, it can achieve multiple exposure and publicity of the brand

in the current era of service homogeneity, price transparency and fierce competition, these advantages provided by brand names can help franchise enterprises rise rapidly in the industry. At present, many excellent franchise brands have reached cooperation with Bang, such as: franchise, mingkejia, Huang Jihuang, Wanke, huoleyu, hefushun, etc. in the future, Bang will continue to help franchise enterprises improve service quality and user experience, and gain the trust of more customers, Escort the joining industry

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