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Phoenix Contact launched in-line PLC ultra-thin relay

as the interface between the control system and field equipment. The PLC series interface relay product series from phoenix contact has complete models, ultra-thin volume, pluggable, electromagnetic type and solid-state type, and provides perfect accessories to simplify installation and wiring

1) the thickness of PLC relay is only 6.2mm (1 pair of change-over contact or single contact, contact capacity 6a) and 14mm (2 pairs of change-over contact, or contact capacity 10a), and the guide rail is installed, which means that a lot of installation space in the control cabinet can be saved

2) the plug is pluggable and common to the base of electromagnetic relay and optocoupler relay with the same voltage level, which is convenient for field modification

3) plug IP67 protection grade (contact capacity is 10A or the protection grade of impact resistant plug is IP40), which can effectively prevent the dust, moisture and corrosive gas from entering the coil and contact, making the relay work more reliably

4) equipotential distribution adopts pluggable bridge pieces, which greatly shortens the wiring time; Moreover, the bridge piece has a variety of color designs, and different colors can be selected according to needs, making the interior of the cabinet more beautiful

5) the base has a protective circuit design, which can make the relay have longer service life and more stable operation

6) some relay bases have bridge rectifiers, which are common for AC and DC; Some bases have circuits specially designed for anti-interference

7) there are input type relays and output type relays, which can save space and wiring to a greater extent without terminals

8) it is convenient to carry out system wiring (after adding V8 plug, use 14.4 to slowly press down the handles on both sides of the sample, and a prefabricated cable can be connected to eight relays) 1. Fast wiring is carried out in the rigid polyurethane reinforced coiled material composite insulation board for building insulation in the range of 10 C ~ 35 C at room temperature

9) the minimum isolation voltage is 2.5KV, most of which are 4KV, safe isolation

10) with the latest in-line connection technology, the wiring is fast, convenient and reliable

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