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Chengdu honors advanced production safety collectives Chongqing Three Gorges and changrunfa

Chengdu honors advanced production safety collectives Chongqing Three Gorges and changrunfa

March 1, 2012

[China paint information] district (city) and county governments, municipal government departments, relevant units: in 2011, under the leadership of the municipal Party committee and municipal government, The goal of each project in the city is to "build and test whether the space structure is suitable for the use of space vehicles. All departments at the space vehicle level should thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, firmly establish the concept of" people-oriented and safe development ", practically strengthen the organization and leadership of work safety, adhere to the policy of" safety first, prevention first and comprehensive management ", strictly reduce resource consumption, and implement the government supervision and enterprise main body of work safety, The "year of work safety" campaign was carried out in depth, and illegal production, operation and construction activities were severely cracked down, ensuring the continuous and stable improvement of the city's work safety situation and providing a good security guarantee for economic and social development. In order to commend the different progress from steel wire and further promote the implementation of various work safety, the municipal government decided to circulate a notice of commendation to 159 advanced collectives in production safety (the list is attached) such as Jinjiang District government

it is hoped that the commended units will cherish the honor, make persistent efforts and strive for greater achievements. Therefore, after long-term application, all departments at all levels and production and business units in the city should take the advanced as an example, conscientiously perform various duties of safety supervision and production safety, work hard, and strive to create a good safety production environment for our city to "take the lead in development, develop scientifically, develop well and rapidly, and strive to build the core growth pole of the western economy"

February 24, 2012

list of advanced production safety collectives in Chengdu in 2011

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