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Phoenix contact connection technology bloomed 2013 Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition

from March 19 to 21, 2013, the top event of the global electronics industry, Munich electronics exhibition, was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a market leader in electrical connection technology, phoenix contact has appeared at the Munich Electronics Exhibition for many years. The surface damage caused by rough polishing is a secondary consideration year, and it is no exception

at the exhibition, Phoenix Contact showed its innovation and accumulation in the field of connection technology for more than 90 years. The connection technology solutions applied to solar energy, machinery, led, electric vehicles and other industries attracted many visitors to stop and inquire

through the success of the strategy of using localized R & D teams to serve the local market, we have experienced on-site exhibition boards, product interaction experience, the communication between product managers and visitors, and visited the audience's understanding of Phoenix Contact's sensor/actuator wiring system and rectangular connectors for the on-site use environment and electrical connection requirements; The latest compact spring connected reflow soldering and surface mount components to meet the needs of users in the LED industry; For the solar energy industry, it can realize rapid connection without special tools. In this case, 1 is a spring series product with relatively large clearance; Electric vehicle charging connectors that meet different interface standards in the world, including AC/DC combined charging interfaces that meet IEC and meet gb/t 20234 Have a deep understanding of AC charging interface and other products

in addition, the customized services that phoenix contact device connection products can provide users have also attracted the attention of many users. The product manager communicates with some users on the spot, and strives to work with users to transform good ideas into innovative, high-quality, personalized and low-cost products

Phoenix Contact expects to create value for more and more users with innovative products and excellent and high-quality services at the same time

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