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China's largest phosphorus chemical enterprise cooperates with Canadian companies

China's largest phosphorus chemical enterprise cooperates with Canadian companies

December 30, 2001

Canada's Witton company recently signed a cooperation agreement with Guizhou Hongfu Industrial Development Company, the largest phosphorus chemical enterprise in China at present, and Witton company will invest and provide equipment and technology to establish a 400000 ton annual sulfuric acid plant

according to the agreement, during the 15 year cooperation period between the two parties, all sulfuric acid products will be sold to Hongfu company

In an interview with reporters a few days ago, hehaoming, general manager of Guizhou Hongfu Industrial Development Company, said that the investment in this chemical project is

1 More than 300million yuan. At present, the foreign equipment has been basically in place, and the project construction has been fully rolled out. It is expected to be completed and put into operation in 10


according to the introduction, Hongfu company plans to increase the production capacity of 600000 tons of ammonium phosphate in Beijing in the near future, which requires (2) selecting the load grade to increase 800000 tons of sulfuric acid as raw material. After visiting Guizhou with many years of sulfuric acid production experience and strong technical strength, Canada Witton company believes that Hongfu company has relatively perfect water, electricity and road supporting facilities and stable product sales channels that are in line with the alignment accuracy. It is profitable to invest in the factory here. So the two sides soon signed a cooperation agreement

Guizhou Hongfu Industrial Development Company is a large

phosphorus chemical enterprise newly built by the Chinese government relying on the local phosphate rock resources with reserves of more than 800 million tons, and has world-class production equipment and technology. After technical transformation and adjustment of product structure, Hongfu company has formed a production scale of 2.1 million tons of phosphorus concentrate and 600000 tons of ammonium phosphate, which is the biggest difficulty in Mongolia China trade at present. The products have been sold to more than 10 countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam, and the annual export earnings reach 5000

according to Ho Ho Ming, after the sulfuric acid plant is completed and put into operation, it is expected that Hongfu company will form an annual production scale of 1.2 million tons of phosphorus

ammonium next year. (

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