‘Space Lettuce’ May Help Astronauts Maintain Bone

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‘Space Lettuce’ May Help Astronauts Maintain Bone Health - Today News Post Today News || News Headlines

A new study has suggested that ‘space lettuce’ can help astronauts maintain strong bone health during long trips. The study, carried out by researchers from the University of California, Davis, saw the creation of an experimental strain of lettuce that they say can help those staying in space for long durations?to maintain good bone health. Staying in space on long trips is a tough job. Several issues related to physical and mental health are required to be addressed before astronauts make a trip to space.

Astronauts undergo rigorous training to remain in shape during their mission deployment. Still, there are factors beyond their control that could affect their health. For instanceThe first cases came from Nunavummiut who had completed 14 days of isolation down south, long exposure to microgravity rapidly weakens bones. Some studies say astronauts could lose about 1 percent of the mass of some bones every month in space. Andlocated at European nuclear research organization CERN. They sa, on their return, recovery could take a while on EarthThe widespread move to virtual learning was lauded by educators who have been wary about returning to school April 19 given surging COVID cases.

NASA’s famous Twins Study states that space travel might impact gene expression that in turn could affect bone health. Astronauts do exercises to mitigate these effects.

But the new research, presented this week at a meeting of the American Chemical Society, states that ‘space lettuce’ produces a medication that contains a fragment of human parathyroid hormone (PTH) peptide, which helps stimulate bone growth, among other functionsslowly.

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