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Are you still worried that the wall covering will be out of date? Today, let's have a look at the seamless wall cloth with yashilan. The classic elements and popular trends in the wall cloth industry. If you master these, your wall cloth will never be out of date

popular trends

first, low-key luxury

aristocratic temperament is one of the popular themes, but the concept of elegant elegance is no longer a magnificent publicity, but an introverted elegance and low-key luxury

adds a sense of elegance to luxury, highlighting a low-key and gentle attitude towards life

second, continue the enchanting of flowers

flowers, as the representative of women, show women's softness and charm. The wall cloth with flower pattern will still be one of the popular trends of wall cloth in the next few years

yashilan is full of modern aesthetic spirit and artistic conception, creating a unique artistic space atmosphere. Compared with the wall cloth with dark or bright flower patterns in the past, today's single flower patterns are more charming and elegant

III. personality and comfort

personality is the proposition of more and more people in life now

the variability and diversification of wall cloth have opened the door to personalized decoration needs. It can be paved in large areas and used locally. It has brought unprecedented feelings to people visually and tactically

IV. youth and romance

bright, fresh color wall coverings are scattered in every corner of the room, which is in line with the modern concept of pursuing youth and romance

the warm and soft colors more prominently embody the connotation of "youth and romance". Light yellow, light blue and light green are similar to the colors of sky, ocean, flowers and beach, creating an infinitely romantic and young room

v. return to nature

people who shuttle through reinforced concrete, noise and exhaust gas all day long hope to have a harbor that returns to nature and embraces nature

soft colors, warm touch and natural materials create a romantic naturalistic tone for the room, making your wish to "live in the downtown, home as rural" come true

VI. eastern elements

compared with Western elements, eastern elements pay more attention to the elegant charm from the inside out and the subtle beauty in the beauty

yashilan a-16a-16d series, with dignified colors and ancient and fragrant lotus patterns, shows the refutation and confusion of years and extraordinary artistic conception. Only the national is the world, and the Oriental style elements are more and more favored by people

style evolution trend

simplicity: it has brought endless anxiety to people. When decorating their new homes, many people take into account the weather factors. Therefore, the simple pastoral style based on freshness is very popular. Tasteful, elegant and fashionable minimalism enhances the feeling of simplicity and purity through poetic colors and changes in shades. Just add a touch of soft chalk white neutral tone, and it can emit golden light

nostalgia: popular clothing in 2018 has a nostalgic style. Nostalgic technology and past traditions have a profound impact on the sustainable development of nostalgic style in the future. The color is dim, and it shows a nostalgic flavor with hazy dark neutral tones. We can't go back to the past, but we can relive the taste of nostalgia

Abstract: the rise of the post-90s market gives an opportunity for the recovery of abstract style, which will be full of personality and jumping colors

the combination of personality and jumping colors with neutral tones can weaken the effect, and the combination with dark shadows can strengthen the effect. Irregular patterns show the master's unruly and longing for freedom

people are always chasing fashion, but fashion is always changing. Whether it's fashion or home decoration, we should not only pay attention to practicality, but also keep up with the trend

as a new favorite in the field of home decoration, you must get to ~

yashilan seamless wall fabric has always focused on the perfect combination of the artistic needs of modern home life and China's Millennium fabric weaving skills, with art as the guide and process innovation as the support, creating a colorful bubble legend, inheriting jacquard classics, and creating embroidery brilliance, so as to raise the seamless wall fabric to the height of art, Provide diversified artistic wall fabric products for people who pursue quality life

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