117 square meters three room simple European style

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If you like European style decoration but don't want to be too luxurious, then simple European style decoration is suitable, simple but still atmospheric, romantic and still fashionable. Whether it's a large house type or a small house type, it's very suitable. So how will the simple European style be presented? The following editor will share with you a group of 117 square meters three room simple European style decoration renderings. Let's have a look

decoration information

decoration community: Haifu Jiangcheng Tianyun

decoration house type: three bedrooms and two halls

decoration price: 100 thousand

construction company: Jiangnan beauty decoration

the ceiling of the living room is very distinctive, with black sidelines for decoration, and pattern decoration in the middle of the reception floor

simple, there are not many parts of the design, the fashion sense of black-and-white collocation, and the leisure, beauty and warmth of a glass of red wine

the main intention of the bedroom is not to decorate beautifully, but to create an atmosphere that helps people sleep comfortably

the kitchen is designed step by step according to the steps of "washing cutting frying", which is very considerate. In such a small space, the chef will certainly not be too upset, and the gray collocation echoes other spaces

instead of taking the traditional form, the bathroom makes full use of the space and makes a connection style. The shapes of mirrors and doors are very fashionable and beautiful

the black-and-white and grey design is the most timeless, and you won't be bored for how long you stay in it. If you also like black-and-white and gray colors, come to a reliable decoration company as soon as possible. Note that the ranking of decoration companies is updated in real time to provide you with the latest decoration company information. I'm not afraid you can't find a satisfactory decoration company




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