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Now, when residents and tenants decorate, almost all property management agencies have to charge some fees. These fees are generally divided into two types, one is refundable, the other is non refundable. The part to be refunded is mainly the decoration deposit, while the non refundable part is often called the decoration management fee

there is often no amount standard for the above two kinds of fees. The standards of different communities and different property management companies differ greatly, that is, if the owners of the same community and the same property management organization go to talk, it seems that there can be a great difference

this is mainly because the state does not have a clear regulation on decoration management fees, so each property management organization will set standards according to their own situation, which is very different from each other and quite random. Because of this, many owners have opinions, and many people believe that since the state has no regulations, property management companies cannot charge this money. Some people also believe that these fees are arbitrary, so they don't trust the use and utility of the money. I'm afraid there are quarrels between owners and property management companies in each community because of these problems

◆ the decoration deposit that should be refunded

we need to analyze these problems in combination with real life, rather than empty talk. First of all, I personally think the deposit for the decoration team should be charged. In real life, there are indeed many decoration workers who do not consider the convenience and safety of others' lives, nor the protection of buildings, facilities and equipment, carry out brutal construction, throw garbage at will, and carry out construction at an inappropriate time and place, which has caused great dissatisfaction of other owners. At present, persuasion and reprimand alone are of little use

in advance, the decoration company and the decoration team will provide a decoration deposit to the property management organization. If the property is damaged, the property facilities and equipment are damaged, and other people's lives, health, property losses are caused during the decoration process, it will be paid from this deposit. If the decoration process is safe and there is no such situation, the property management agency will return the deposit collected. It should be said that this is a better way to supervise, control and remedy

◆ the decoration management fee is handled differently under different circumstances

the trouble is the non refundable part of the decoration management fee. Property management companies generally believe that when decorating, they should manage and supervise decorators, decorating materials and decorating behaviors, and of course, these jobs will have human and material costs. These works should be an increase beyond the normal property management work, so these expenses cannot be disbursed in the property management fee, but should be charged separately





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