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The design of the new cabinet series of 90 degrees in 2014 is the same thing, which comes from different people and enjoys different lifestyles! The 90 degree integrated cabinet presents you with the most fashionable and popular Italian design concept in the world


streamlined design of door panel, inspired by the design elements of Ferrari sports car. In the layout design, the open kitchen design is adopted. The high cabinet, ground cabinet and bar are designed in an orderly manner, with strong color personality and free and open space combination, which maximizes the illusion of color and the freedom to interpret personality. While breaking the shackles of formatting design, the designer still tried his best to integrate various modern elements, trying to show the avant-garde design concept of Italy


solid wood craft in classical European style, mosaic tile back wall decoration, square window display, resolute roman columns and hierarchical top line design, gradually changing from geometric to Baroque art curve, which reflects the exquisite craft, but also exudes a strong classical charm, creating a quiet, open and more noble typical European kitchen


returning to nature has become the yearning feelings of all urban people at present. The three-dimensional door panels and checkered windows simplify and modernize the classical shapes, retain the classical style characteristics, and reflect the modern and fashionable style in the color and overall collocation - the typical simple European style, presenting the life flavor of European pastures in front of everyone, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but without losing the elegant life style

Jian Yue

adopts the currently popular design method, and adopts mixed and matched two-color design in color application. The personalized collocation of dark wood grain and beige provides infinite space for the birth of imagination. The combination of wood grain and solid color is the best combination of resolute atmosphere and warmth and harmony, which shows the personality of the whole cabinet incisively and vividly

milk coffee fashion

it adopts the most fashionable color design at present, and is a typical representative of minimalism. It pursues a unique artistic feeling and environmental construction. The pure and elegant milk coffee color will purify your soul and make your body and mind feel comfortable! The lines of the whole cabinet are extremely simple. The design of no handle and U-shaped aluminum shows a graceful artistic beauty and fully demonstrates the minimalist style


aviation glass with titanium aluminum alloy frame reflects a unique sense of fantasy, hierarchy and depth. The color of the whole cabinet is elegant, giving people an elegant and profound artistic conception. Titanium aluminum alloy is a relatively precious metal and a symbol of identity and status. The texture of metal and the touch of glass, coupled with soft reflection, convey a feeling of fresh dawn




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