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 & emsp; Decoration of shoe cabinets

&emsp& emsp; 1. The partition board of the shoe cabinet should not be the head, leaving a little space so that the ash of the shoes can leak to the bottom, which is convenient for daily cleaning

 & emsp; 2. Two drawers should be made in the shoe cabinet, and the shutter door should be used as the door, which can prevent odor

  3. A socket is reserved in the shoe cabinet for inserting shoes

 & emsp; 4. A high compartment (no less than 45 cm) must be left in the shoe cabinet to facilitate the placement of women's boots and water boots, and to ensure sufficient depth (because some shoe boxes are about 40 cm)

 & emsp; Decoration building materials

&emsp& emsp; 1. When wrapping the door pocket, it is necessary to consider whether the ground below (either side of the ground on both sides of the door) needs to be tiled or leveled with other cement mortar, because if the door pocket is nailed before pasting the tiles, it will be wrapped to the ground. When using cement in the future, if the cement and the door pocket are stained, it will cause the door pocket wood to absorb water and mildew

 & emsp; 2. The protective film of aluminum gusset plate is best removed before installation

 & emsp; 3. The distance between electricity and weak electricity is at least 20 cm; Before sealing the slot, ask the workers to draw the wiring diagram (you can take a digital camera for backup)

 & emsp; 4. When making plastic steel doors, you must calculate the size of the plastic steel door frame protruding from the wall and inform the installer so that the final door frame is flat with the wall pasted with tiles, which is both beautiful and hygienic

5. The aisle should be equipped with two sockets, one convenient for laying the floor and using the vacuum cleaner in the later stage, and the other convenient for plugging in the night light

 & emsp; 6. White cement hook is not used for tile pointing, and mould proof caulking material is used

 & emsp; 7. The exhaust hole of the gas water heater on the wall should be punched before tiling or jointing, otherwise the newly pasted tiles and jointing agent will be soiled when drilling with a water drill

 & emsp; 8. The back of the ground glass must be well protected from paint, which is difficult to clean

 & emsp; 9. The pressure test time of the water pipe after draining the water pipe shall be at least 30 minutes, preferably one hour. The test can be passed only after 10 kg of pressure is applied and there is no reduction at last

 & emsp; Decoration details of each room

&emsp& emsp; 1. The balcony laundry pool and mop pool should be paved with hot water pipes

 & emsp; 2. If you put a cabinet on the balcony, a layer of foam plastic board on the back of the cabinet has a good effect of heat insulation and waterproof, and the fireproof board used for the cabinet door does not change

 & emsp; 3. After the porcelain tiles on the floor of the toilet are pasted, test the water. The running water should be fast

 & emsp; 4. When determining the location of the toilet floor drain, you must first measure the size. The floor drain must be located on one side of the brick. If it is in the middle of the brick, no matter how inclined the brick is, the floor drain will not be the lowest point. 18. When installing lights in the restaurant, the position of the table should be considered, so that the lights are in the middle of the table

 & emsp; 5. A power socket should also be installed in the storage room

 & emsp; 6. The ceiling lamp in the bedroom must have two controls, one by the door and one by the bed. Two reading lights are installed beside the master bedroom bed

 & emsp; 7. For the sake of safety, a socket should be installed at the upper end next to the kitchen door so that the gas alarm can be released in the future

 & emsp; 8. The partition door of the kitchen and dining room must be equipped with anti-collision strips, otherwise it is easy to crash the door if it is pushed frequently





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