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Different constellations have their own constellation tales, and different constellations also have their own unique personality characteristics, and people in different constellations live in very different environments. Only by choosing suitable home decoration can they live a healthy and comfortable life. The following is the home decoration tales obtained from the research and practice of the personality characteristics of the twelve constellations

1. CAPRICORN: classical art tradition

realistic and rational Capricorn, not demanding the bustling atmosphere of furniture, quiet, bright, simple is the style they pursue. Being infatuated with founder and giving full play to classicism is also a great style display. Deep family affection and personal achievements are integrated into the home decoration design, and we will spare no effort to find valuable silk and atmospheric furniture. Log furniture with white sofa is the best choice. In the choice of tea table, we should pay attention to functionality and practicality, and also abandon the miscellaneous style. The colorful abstract paintings behind the sofa make the whole space more lively. Such a room is most suitable for the warm winter sunshine. The warm and natural atmosphere can make Capricorn sleep happily after real work

2. AQUARIUS: Jumping avant-garde and concise

the water bottle with free personality is also an advocate of leisure style. It likes the concise style with modernization and calm rationality. It has a strong acceptance of avant-garde and cutting-edge design, and likes gray, white and other simple colors. Painted walls, all metal decoration, and even the same color tone of the whole room can add many characteristics and charm to the room. Accept open space design. Flaxen sofa and floor make the space have concentrated texture. Warm wool mats and fine lattice curtains make the whole room have oil painting style. Abstract paintings are also rare necessities in Aquarius home decoration. They can integrate the aesthetic feeling of art into the warmth of home. As for lighting selection, there is no special requirement. Simplicity and harmony are the best. Aquarius, which roams the world, may have to renovate furniture one day, Simple decoration is the best choice to meet this hobby

3. Pisces: romantic and warm art

orange and secluded indigo reflect each other's romantic and beautiful colors, and the warm and quiet breath is coming to your face. The beauty of imagination is an irresistible temptation for Pisces. It is suitable for a random home environment. You should avoid too clear and organized compartments and layout. The fish tank is a good decoration, which can bring luck to Pisces. Modern modern modeling bed that shows its urban temperament, or paper fiber modeling bed made of special materials with leisure taste, is the best choice for Pisces

4. ARIES: simple, lively and lively

lively and bright Aries, with direct personality and simple thinking, is suitable for a simple and warm style. Furniture should be movable to create a new sense of space or openness at any time. The living room is large, the decoration is simple, the theme is clear, and the bedroom lighting is soft and beautiful, highlighting the handsome of Aries in a lively style. The white sofa on the bottom and back directly shows the taste of purity and simplicity. The high foot warm lamp of the same color and the relaxed vine cooperate with the low sofa to lengthen the overall sense, and the decorative style is standardized without losing interest. The pleated double-layer curtains enhance the three-dimensional feeling of the room, and the color is also light belly pink. The double pick chairs are arranged in the middle, making the space harmonious and orderly. With Aries' active and strict personality, it is a very lively home style




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