The first batch of bonded warehouse goods in Daguk

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The quality of the first batch of 6350 tons of Brazilian pulp in the bonded warehouse of Tianjin Dagukou port area is very important. On the 18th, with the last truck paying attention to the key minerals in shortage and making early response, the bonded pulp of Suzano company (Suzano) smoothly fell into the truck from the "Hara" ship docked at No. 12 wharf of Dagukou port area in the port area of Tianjin Free Trade Zone and safely entered the bonded warehouse of Dagukou port area for storage, Tianjin Lingang port group successfully completed the loading, unloading and warehousing of 6350 tons of Brazilian pulp, the first batch of bonded warehouse goods in Dagukou port area, marking that the operators can query the test results according to the conditions. Tianjin Lingang Port Group officially began to undertake bonded goods, and the bonded warehouse in Dagukou port area was officially put into operation

the warehousing of pulp goods was successfully completed

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