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On the afternoon of October 9, the national batch launch ceremony of Shanhe intelligent swe215erc intelligent remote control excavator was held in Shanhe industrial city. Heqinghua, chairman and chief expert of Shanhe intelligence, fuxiangdong, general manager, zhangdaqing, zhujianxin, huangzhixiong, wuwenwei and other leaders of the company attended the event

as early as 2009, Shanhe intelligent developed the first commercialized remote-control excavator in China. At present, it has formed a series of intelligent excavator product clusters covering micro, small, medium and large scale, and its technology in the field of intelligent excavator is at the leading level in the industry. Swe215erc intelligent remote control excavator is still in the period of strategic opportunity. It integrates intelligent control technology, sensor technology, wireless communication technology and remote monitoring technology to realize the construction of over the horizon excavator. It can be widely used in special working environments such as deep coal mines, rescue and other major national projects

in the future, Shanhe intelligent will adhere to the "leading innovation" mode, conduct in-depth research in the field of intelligent and accurate construction of engineering equipment and cluster collaborative construction, and strive to develop more intelligent engineering equipment that meet the needs of customers

universal testing machine passes the conditioning of different speed levels

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