The first batch of glass production in Liling Qibi

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The first batch of glass production in Liling Qibin has been completed.

Qibin group is a "concentric project" created by Liling Sitong, a municipal demonstration site in Zhuzhou, to cut and grind plastic waste such as PLA into small particles. On July 14, the first production line was ignited, refreshing the "Zhuzhou speed" of the "Qibin glass" project. After one month of kiln baking and trial operation, at 2:00 a.m. on August 13, the leading batch of glass from the first production line of Zhuzhou Liling Qibin Glass Co., Ltd. was successfully released from the kiln, marking the formal production of Liling Qibin glass

in the workshop of the 600 ton Low-E glass production line of Liling Qibin glass, the entire production line is mostly controlled by computers and operated mechanically, with a very high degree of automation. The first batch of glass panels are of good quality. They have the courage to open up domestic and foreign markets. They are fast and have very few micro defects. These glasses are sun coated glass, which can be used as the substrate of deep-processing glass for making architectural glass, tempered glass, hollow glass, bulletproof glass, etc. the market prospect is very broad

during the construction of Qibin project, the United Front Work Department of the provincial Party committee, especially Minister Li and vice minister Peng, coordinated various resources to help enterprises for many times, so as to avoid the back pressure caused by oil leakage and return, and solve the construction problems according to the diameter of reinforcement products; At the same level, we have arranged more than 200 party members and allies of the Revolutionary Committee of the people's Republic of China and the Democratic League of the people's Republic of China to timely solve problems for the enterprise, carry out a series of theme activities for Qibin Group employees and residents in the resettlement area, effectively help Qibin employees and residents in the resettlement area with their living problems, make them feel the warmth of the society, and make positive contributions to stabilizing the workforce and the surrounding construction environment

according to the project construction plan, Liling Qibin glass project plans to build five production lines. At present, the second 500 ton ultra white glass production line has entered the ignition preparation stage and is expected to be ignited at the end of this month. By the end of next year, after the five production lines are fully put into operation, the daily output will reach 3100 tons and the annual output value will reach 5billion yuan. It will become the largest glass deep processing center in Hunan Province and the domestic production base of energy-saving glass and solar photovoltaic glass

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