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Recently, a batch of radial pine chips weighing 299.6 tons and with a value of 20.4 yuan were tested repeatedly and the failure completely disappeared. It was the first batch of South African chips imported from Hebei Port, and it was also the first batch of chips imported by Hebei Port in the form of containers

Metal material testing machine

"Caofeidian customs made preparations in advance, the customs officers gave up their rest time, and finished the inspection as soon as the goods arrived, easing the pressure of our shortage of raw materials." The head of Jinyu Tiantan (Tangshan) Wood Technology Co., Ltd., a wood chip import enterprise, said

it is reported that in order to ensure the smooth customs clearance of goods and put them into production as soon as possible, Caofeidian customs implements the "three advance" working mechanism: formulate a work plan in advance, comprehensively analyze the key points of quarantine inspection according to the source, treatment mode and transportation mode of goods, refine the work process, and make good preparations for professionals, quarantine inspection equipment and safety protection materials; Review the documents in advance, pay attention to the instructions of the inspection and management system in time after customs declaration, review the electronic documents such as the plant quarantine certificate, and formulate the unpacking and unpacking, sampling and quarantine plan according to the declared quantity; Understand the cargo dynamics in advance. Mi 4 spring type microcomputer force application system experimental machine the experimental force is automatically applied through the spring type force application structure and the microcomputer controlled stepper motor system. The stepper motor (30) transmits a pair of worm (28) and worm gear (29) with a reduction ratio of 80:1 through a pair of radial thrust ball bearings (31), (32). The operating assistant contacts the port authority and the agency to timely master the ship dynamics and inform the enterprise of the measures to avoid being present during the epidemic, Ensure that the inspection is carried out safely, quickly and effectively after the 12.7mm wide container arrives at the port according to the control instructions, so as to achieve the simultaneous development of guarding the country and promoting development

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