The first batch of domestic Jinghuan products of t

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The first batch of domestic Jinghuan products of Reza heavy machine L10 appeared! Start the green and efficient engine

the first batch of domestic Jinghuan products of Reza heavy machine L10 appeared! Start the green and efficient engine

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on the 70th anniversary of the National Day parade, Foton rexa Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. brushed the screen with its excellent performance of "national standard quality, cheering for the motherland"! To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the motherland, as an outstanding representative of a major country, Reza Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. will once again make efforts to lead the "national six times" of construction machinery with L10 Jinghuan product array and accept the review of global users

on October 12, the conference of the first domestic Jinghuan products of "new breakthrough, professional win" RESA super heavy machine L10 series was grandly held in Huairou, Beijing! Yangguotao, President of rexa Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., and other senior leaders met with Haixia, Secretary General of the concrete branch of China concrete and cement products association, lixiaofei, chief engineer of Central Inspection and other industry expert representatives, as well as outstanding dealer partners and media guests from all over the country in the capital to jointly review the new products matrix of rexa heavy machinery L10, and win the "national six" era of the construction machinery industry

press conference site

driving into the fast lane of development, releasing new kinetic energy to help "the sky is bluer"

on June 28 this year, Beijing officially released the notice on Beijing's early implementation of the national six vehicle emission standard. Since January 1, 2020, light gasoline vehicles and heavy diesel vehicles have implemented the national six B emission standard. Reza heavy machinery has responded positively and responded quickly. In order to help the vast number of construction machinery customers in the capital to fight the "national six" tough battle and contribute to the blue sky defense war, after three years of painstaking development, the first batch of three series of products of Beijing Ring Road in China of Reza super heavy machine L10 series has made a brilliant debut, meeting the different choices of customers under the current environmental protection, laws and regulations and working conditions

Mr. yangguotao, President of Reza heavy machinery, said in his speech that since its establishment in 2003, Reza heavy machinery has been committed to developing energy-saving, environmental friendly, intelligent and lightweight products. Every upgrade of environmental protection emissions has always been in the forefront of the industry, and the national six products are excellent equipment for the defense of the blue sky. In 2019, guided by the "fourteenth five year development plan for construction machinery industry" and the "2030 development strategy for construction machinery" formulated by China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Reza heavy machinery adheres to the five development trends of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, promotes technology upgrading, energy conservation and emission reduction, automation, digitalization, intelligence, and the development and application of new energy products, practices the strategy of building a strong country in construction machinery, and completes the strategic transformation, Strive to create high-quality products

Mr. Yang shared that in the view of Reza Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., the demand prospect of Beijing construction machinery market is optimistic, and the customer investment opportunities exist for a long time. From GDP growth and demand scale expansion to major projects, coupled with strict overload control, the investment in lightweight products is greatly promoted, and environmental protection upgrading leads the investment opportunities of "national six" products. It is estimated that the market gap of pump trucks, mixer trucks and cranes exceeds 7000. Market opportunity at present, with leading product and service quality, Reza heavy machinery has laid a solid foundation for its own influence on marine life

Mr. yangguotao, deputy general manager of Foton automobile group, President and party secretary of Reza heavy machinery, delivered a speech at the press conference. Shi Haixia, Secretary General of China concrete and cement products association and ready mixed concrete association, also affirmed Reza heavy machinery's years of technical accumulation and deep market cultivation. She said that at present, according to the concept of green development and intelligent development, China's concrete industry is moving forward in the direction of leading the world's concrete development, and the overall development of the industry is growing steadily. As an excellent manufacturer of concrete equipment and hoisting equipment in China, Reza heavy machinery has the courage to change, be good at innovation and dare to take on responsibilities. Since its establishment, Reza heavy machinery has never forgotten its original intention and is committed to the business of commercial mixed hoisting equipment. The share of mixer truck is in the forefront of the industry, leading the development of the industry performance that the fourth generation pump truck and crane in China can sell more than 1000 units within three years of listing, proving that Reza heavy machinery has a high understanding of construction machinery Forward looking judgment on customer needs! Taking advantage of the new product release opportunity of guoliu Jinghuan L10, we look forward to the continued breakthroughs in product lightweight, intelligence, oil saving and environmental protection of Reza heavy machinery in the future

Haixia, Secretary General of China concrete and cement products association and Secretary General of ready mixed concrete association, delivered a speech at the meeting. Lixiaofei, Secretary General of China Crane Association, delivered a speech on behalf of China Construction Machinery Industry Association and engineering crane branch, saying that Reza heavy machinery is the executive director unit of China Engineering Machinery Industry Association and an excellent member of the branch! Since its establishment, Reza Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committed to the business of commercial mixed hoisting equipment, and has accumulated a good reputation among customers. With the opportunity of Jinghuan L10 product release, it is expected that Reza Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. will continue to make proud achievements in terms of products and services in the future, only charging maintenance costs

lixiaofei, Secretary General of engineering crane branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, delivered a speech

focusing on TCO, L10 Jinghuan new product is proud of the "national six" Jianghu

on the road of innovation and development, Reza heavy machinery is accelerating its pace, and the newly released L10 Jinghuan new product is an example. The appearance of the L10 series of new products this time follows the simple and generous style of Reza super heavy machine, focuses on TCO, and focuses on solving the common contradictions existing in the current industry products, such as insufficient power, low transportation efficiency, weak configuration, high fuel consumption, and slow acceleration, with the three highlights of "stability and reliability", "economic efficiency" and "intelligent connection"

product release ceremony

in the era of intelligent Internet, as a leading enterprise in the industry, Reza heavy machinery has improved its manufacturing and product service level with the help of digital and intelligent manufacturing technology, bringing more convenience and value to customers. In terms of performance optimization of new products of L10 Jinghuan, based on car service, big data and cloud platform, Reza heavy machinery has established a customer-centric ecosystem to realize functions such as remote monitoring, remote diagnosis, real-time location management, fault reminder statistics, intelligent scheduling services, etc., so as to enable users to enjoy the use management and convenient after-sales service of their own products, and provide customers with full life cycle (TCO) management, Reduce operating costs

at the meeting, hanshaozeng, executive deputy general manager of Reza heavy machinery Marketing Co., Ltd., introduced the detailed features of super heavy machinery L10 series "national six Beijing ring" products to the guests. The star product est-58m of pump truck was grandly introduced. It has the characteristics of efficient pumping, energy saving, fuel saving, easy maintenance, reliability and stability. The engine, gearbox, chassis, hydraulic system and electronic control system of the whole vehicle were carefully built with components of world-famous brands, which has an industry-leading advantage. The star product tx407-10f of mixer truck is lightweight -- worry free on the road, consistent -- worry free on the license plate, efficient and fast, energy-saving and fuel-saving. It has super adaptability to multiple working conditions and fully meets the needs of users. The star product of the crane, 85x6 crane, has excellent performance, good trafficability, fuel-saving controllability and good universality of parts. It is an excellent weapon for hoisting users

hanshaozeng, executive deputy general manager of rexa heavy machinery marketing company, introduced the product highlights

with the release of new products, suoguotao, product director of Foton Cummins, also introduced the national six Beijing environment power system of rexa super heavy machinery L10 to the guests

Mr. suoguotao, product director of Foton Cummins, analyzed the product power system

at this press conference, Reza heavy machinery also brought L10 new product preferential policies, which brought more surprises to new and old users and attracted strategic customers such as high-strength concrete and Beijing Construction Engineering Group to sign contracts

signing ceremony

it is the right time for industry to rejuvenate the country and seize the development opportunity of the times. In the future, Reza heavy machinery will continue to adhere to the development concept of "platform + demand" and in the name of "super heavy machinery", closely follow the national policy guidance, focus on quality, stride ahead, and take this opportunity to officially establish the "innovation and green development" alliance of Reza super heavy machinery with its rising market performance and widely praised user reputation, In order to accelerate the development of China's construction machinery industry, lead China's construction machinery industry to stride forward in the wave of industrial innovation, and make greater contributions to the dream of building a powerful country with construction machinery

the Establishment Ceremony of "innovation and green development" alliance of Reza heavy machinery

it is noteworthy that on the "Reza night" that day, Reza heavy machinery held a licensing ceremony for the users of "China's first" national six Beijing ring crane. The live video clip takes you to the construction site in person: Recently, lesaguo 6 25x5 crane replaced the words "Beijing Top Green Sea home" on the landmark building of Mentougou in West Beijing with "green water and green mountains Mentougou" in one go, stable and efficient! Its owner xujianwei picked up the car on August 18 this year. After more than a month of use, he spoke highly of the performance, emissions and fuel consumption of the new car. "This car is worth buying" has become the best testimony for him and the users around him

"China's first" national six Beijing ring crane user licensing ceremony

housekeeper service blessing, establishing the service benchmark of the whole life value chain

service-oriented manufacturing has become an important direction for the construction machinery industry to enhance its competitiveness. As one of the pillars of the core competitiveness of Reza heavy machinery, housekeeper service has won a real reputation from users. At the press conference, Mr. Huang Shuo, senior manager of Reza heavy machinery service management, also introduced the butler service. Among them, the "national six special projects and four measures" are supported by "expert seats". The interactive center is equipped with expert seats to take charge of quick answers, active reminders, early warnings and other consulting and maintenance guidance services; "Emergency support organization", set up special teams of Reza, Foton Daimler and engine for quick decision-making, and general problems for 1 hour; Difficult and major problems for 4 hours; "Housekeeper service guarantee", each vehicle is assigned with a guarantee and coordination housekeeper (1 service provider + foster engineer + Reza Engineer); "Spare parts guarantee preparation", organize the delivery of spare parts to the designated service provider within 7 days after the delivery of national VI vehicles, and the spare parts in Beijing will arrive within 3 hours. With the promise of "as long as the equipment is used, how long our service will be guaranteed", the stickiness between Reza heavy machinery and customers has become stronger and stronger, and has been supported and trusted by more and more industry users

Mr. Huang Shuo, senior manager of Reza heavy machinery service, interprets the true meaning of "butler service"

this time, Reza heavy machinery has assembled three major product lines again. Through a new service-oriented manufacturing mode integrating "national six" products, intelligent management platform and butler service, it provides users with a one-stop solution of "product + service" based on the whole product life cycle, and strives to create high-end products, extend and improve the service of the whole value chain, Create more value for users and set a new benchmark for industry service

ready to go and welcome the new future of smart environmental protection at the dinner, President Yang of Reza heavy machinery said in his toast that China's construction machinery manufacturing and construction leasing will become a national business card! With the launch of industrial economy 4.0, intelligence and interconnection, China's construction machinery has ushered in the spring of opportunity again. In the context of globalization strategies such as Sino US trade war, competition and cooperation among major countries, the the Belt and Road, and building a community of shared future for mankind, 5g and artificial intelligence in particular have taken the opportunity to accelerate the upgrading of existing products, creating unprecedented opportunities for China's construction machinery to participate in global competition

at the dinner, Mr. Yang led Lei

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