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Sany Heavy Industry: Duzhong Sanyuan staged a "hat trick"

Sany Heavy Industry: Duzhong Sanyuan staged a "hat trick"

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Guide: on May 29, the market value management research center of Chinese listed companies, together with a number of authoritative securities research institutes and four major securities newspapers The 20-year review and outlook of China's securities market and the fourth China Listed Company Market Value Management Summit Forum, held by 12 institutions including CCTV, were grandly held in Beijing. Sany Heavy Industry in the certificate

on May 29, the "20-year review and outlook of China's securities market and the fourth China Listed Company Market Value Management Summit Forum", jointly organized by the China listed company market value management research center and a number of authoritative securities research institutes, as well as 12 institutions such as the four major securities newspapers and CCTV, was grandly held in Beijing. Sany Heavy industry won three awards in the selection of the 20th anniversary of the securities market, "the listed company with the most sustainable growth ability", "the listed company most loved by investors" and "the listed company with the most social sense". Senior insiders said that being able to perform a "hat trick" in this nationwide authoritative selection, which is almost participated by the whole people and aims to review the gains and losses of the 20-year development of China's securities market, shows that Sany's good business performance, development prospects and strong sense of society have been highly recognized by experts and market investors

the share price has risen 14 times in seven years

the beautiful performance has been recognized by investors

according to the selection criteria of "the most sustainable growth listed company" and "the most favorite listed company by investors" in China's securities market for 20 years, the company must have excellent performance in the continuous growth of market value and performance since its listing

indeed, the wealth story of Sany Heavy Industry is familiar to investors. The company has the characteristics of flexibility and adaptability of private enterprises, is well versed in the survival of the fittest and the way of seeking new changes, and is good at capital operation. Sany Heavy Industry has set one precedent after another for the capital market, created a good investor relationship, boosted the confidence of the whole market in the low tide of the capital market, and created valuable wealth for shareholders

in the past seven years since its listing, Sany Heavy Industry has been like a car with full horsepower. Under the guidance of a united and stable senior management team and the core concept of "quality changes the world", Sany Heavy Industry has achieved sustained and stable growth in its performance, and has changed from a simple leader in concrete machinery to a comprehensive construction machinery manufacturer, especially with uneven distribution, including its concrete machinery, crawler crane Piling machinery has become the first brand in China - this is also the main reason why Sany Heavy industry continues to be favored by experts and investors

at the same time, the sales revenue and profit of Sany Heavy Industry have advanced at an annual growth rate of more than 60%. In the past few years, the sales revenue of Sany Heavy Industry jumped from 390 million yuan in 2000 to 16.496 billion yuan in 2009, and the sales profit increased from 181 million yuan to 2.629 billion yuan. The market value of Sany Heavy Industry has also grown from the initial 3.7 billion yuan listed on July 3, 2003 to an international large enterprise with a market value of more than 54 billion yuan at the end of 2009, becoming the largest listed company in the construction machinery industry

more importantly, according to the authoritative data of wind, on the first day of listing on July 3, 2003, the issuance price of Sany Heavy Industry was 15.56 yuan. As of December 31, 2009, the closing price of a shares since the first day of issuance was 321.41 yuan. In the past seven years, the stock price has increased by 1408.97% in total, up 14 times

the first share of the share reform

usually uses mineral oil with medium viscosity to cast a model of corporate citizenship

Wu Xiaoqiu, director of the Institute of Finance and securities at Renmin University of China, pointed out at the summit forum that the most landmark in China's capital market in the past 20 years is the split share structure reform. Looking back on Sany's seven-year history of capital market, "the first share of China's stock reform" is also a milestone for Sany to enter the public's vision and gain universal recognition and heartfelt appreciation

in 2005, it coincided with the split share structure reform in China's capital market. At that time, the market questioned one after another. Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, made it clear that Sany is willing to be a "test field" for China's securities market reform! In May of that year, Sany Heavy Industry was the first to launch the split share structure reform plan. After twists and turns, the consideration plan of "giving 3.5 shares for every 10 shares and compensating 8 yuan" was passed with a high approval rate of 93.44%. Sany people fired the first shot of successful share reform, and therefore it was permanently recorded in the history of the development of China's securities market. The "Sany mode" of "share offering + cash + commitment" and "introduction of plan - Communication - modification plan" has become the mainstream mode of share reform

in fact, as a "rising bird", Sany Heavy Industry paid a high price for this reform, and the level of consideration and commitment paid is higher than that of other similar share reform companies. "However, the split share structure reform is the first reform promoted in a democratic and market-oriented way in China's history. As the witness of the split share structure reform, we just want to do our part and obligation for the standardized Chinese securities market." Xiangwenbo said so

in addition, adhering to the concept of "the responsibility of the state is greater than the interests of enterprises", Sany has been actively participating in various social public welfare activities. On April 30, 2010, Sany Heavy Industry invested 15million yuan to initiate the establishment of the first "China Sany post disaster orphan relief foundation" in China to explore a long-term post disaster relief mechanism for enterprises. In addition, after the Hunan ice disaster in 2008, the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan, and the Chongqing Wulong mine disaster in 2009, the Sany disaster relief service team and sany rescue machinery will rush to the disaster area for rescue at the first time. Sany Heavy Industry's outstanding performance in social welfare has been widely praised by all sectors of society and won the 2008 "China Charity Award"

in terms of employee employment, employee wages, benefits, working environment, etc., Sany Heavy Industry has outstanding performance: it not only earnestly implements the corporate culture of "helping employees succeed", but also has obvious advantages in salary level, promotion channels, etc; At the beginning of 2009, when the financial tsunami swept through, Sany Heavy Industry quickly made the "three no" commitment of "no layoffs, no salary cuts, and no application for salary cuts from ordinary employees". What is more surprising is that in 2009, Liang Wengen received only an annual salary of 1 yuan - the act of being brave in society has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Because of this, Sany's stock has also become a gold stock highly recognized by investors and enthusiastically pursued by shareholders

injection of high-quality assets, self lifting the threshold of lifting the ban

Sany, which pays attention to commitments, is more popular.

since it was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on July 3, 2003, Sany Heavy Industry has chosen the capital gradual strategy of incubating high-quality assets through its parent company, re injecting them into listed companies and splitting them for listing

as early as the IPO of Sany Heavy Industry and the private placement in 2007, Sany group and Liang Wengen, the controlling shareholders of Sany Heavy Industry, made a commitment to avoid horizontal competition: they promised that Sany group, Liang Wengen and their holding enterprises would not directly or indirectly engage in businesses that are the same as, similar to or constitute substantial competition with the company's current and future main businesses

it is against the background of this commitment that Sany has successively completed the injection of a series of high-quality assets of major shareholders into Sany through capital innovation. In February, 2010, Sany Heavy Industry received the excavator assets of Sany Heavy machinery. The company issued 119 million shares to 10 natural persons including Liang Wengen at the price of 16.62 yuan/share to acquire 100% equity of Sany Heavy Machinery Investment Co., Ltd. held by the latter. Sany Heavy machinery is the core asset of this transaction, which is mainly engaged in the design, production and sales of excavators. After this transaction, the excavator assets and business of Sany Heavy Machinery were injected into the listed company as a whole

On April 7, 2010, Sany Heavy Industry announced again that according to the commitment of Sany group in 2007, the company plans to start the acquisition of all assets and businesses of its subordinate Sany Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (the main business is the production and sales of truck cranes) and Hunan Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (the main business is the production and sales of engineering vehicles and chassis)

Sany Heavy Industry, which actively fulfilled its commitments, through a series of asset injections, asset specifications can also be used to test the bursting strength of non paper materials such as silk and cotton, which has expanded rapidly and the industrial height has increased rapidly

in addition, Sany Heavy Industry, which pioneered many share reform initiatives, has also set a "benchmark" worthy of imitation for the "big non" shareholding behavior of listed companies after entering the era of full circulation, and has once again become the "weathervane" of the stock market

in July 2008, during the period of full circulation and lifting of the ban in the depressed stock market, Sany group, the controlling shareholder of Sany Heavy Industry, promised to voluntarily lock up the shares of Sany Heavy Industry held by SANY group, which was lifted from listing and circulating on June 17, for two years from June 19; Within two years from June 17, if the secondary market price of Sany shares is less than twice the closing price on June 16 (i.e. 55.76 yuan/share), Sany group promises not to reduce its holdings of Sany shares through the secondary market

in fact, as the first listed company to launch and implement the split share structure reform in China's stock market, Sany Heavy Industry has taken the lead in realizing full circulation, and it is understandable that Sany group has sold its lifted shares. However, when the stock price fell continuously and investors' confidence was unstable, Sany group resolutely took the initiative of voluntarily extending the lock up period, which fully reflected its sense of society as a "corporate citizen"

after learning about the commitment of Sany group to reduce its holdings, the famous economist Han Zhiguo said through his blog "the most cherished positive signal in the market": "the major shareholder of Sany Heavy Industry announced that it would postpone the lifting of the ban on the reduction of its holdings in Africa for two years, which is the most cherished positive signal in the market for more than half a year", It is "the most positive change in China's stock market after repeatedly falling into difficulties in large and small non issues. Although this change has occurred in individual enterprises, it is obviously of overall significance."

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