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Sany Xiang Wenbo: overseas investment and plant construction is safer than mergers and acquisitions

Sany Xiang Wenbo: overseas investment and plant construction is safer than mergers and acquisitions

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Guide: the 2010 China Europe alumni annual forum was held in the China Europe Shanghai Campus Petrochemical hall on November 7. The theme of this forum is the internationalization of Chinese enterprises. Xiang Wenbo, President and Secretary of the Party committee of Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., introduced the experience and lessons of overseas development and mentioned that the internationalization of private enterprises should give priority to stability and put

the 2010 China Europe alumni annual forum was held at the China Europe Shanghai Campus Petrochemical hall on November 7. The theme of this forum is "the road to internationalization of Chinese enterprises". Xiang Wenbo, President and Secretary of the Party committee of Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., introduced the experience and lessons of overseas development and mentioned that the internationalization of private enterprises should give priority to stability, take financial risks as the primary consideration, and maintain the asset liability ratio at a very low level

Xiang Wenbo said that self investment and factory building is a development model with controllable risks. At the same time, we can't let go of possible appropriate international M & A opportunities. At present, Sany Heavy Industry mainly relies on independent investment and factory building

the following is the full text of the speech:

Liu Shengjun: Thank you, alumni Dong Mingzhu, for your wonderful speech. You have your first homework today. Go back and change the air conditioner. Next, we are very familiar with xiangwenbo alumni. When you hear Sany Heavy Industry, you will think of three ones. In addition to these three ones, Sany Heavy Industry has also created many firsts. It is the first listed private enterprise in Hunan Province, the first listed company to complete the share trading reform, and also the first enterprise in China's market share for a long time. Sany Heavy Industry has more than 30 subsidiaries overseas, and its products are exported to more than 110 countries and regions, If friends who often pay attention to Xiang Wenbo's alumni know that he is a blogger and has a lot of fans on his online blog. Xiangwenbo alumni shared with us the topic of management challenges across business

Xiang Wenbo: Dear alumni, good morning. Just now, like everyone else, I was very moved by president Dong's introduction. At the same time, I 1. Automatic calibration: the system can automatically realize the calibration of indication accuracy; I'm also very envious. I just listened to president Dong's speech. At least after I go back, everyone can buy a Gree air conditioner, but after I finish talking, it's unlikely that everyone can buy a Sany construction machinery. I'm very envious. Of course, I'll see if my air conditioner is Gree's after I go back. In 20 minutes, I'll do a 5-minute advertisement to report the situation of Sany Heavy Industry

Sany Heavy Industry is a private enterprise, founded in 1989, mainly engaged in the manufacturing of engineering construction machinery and other equipment. At present, it has 50000 employees, achieving a sales revenue of 50billion and a profit of nearly 9billion. The whole company has two listed companies. One is Sany Heavy Industry, which is listed in Shanghai. The market value of the last trading day was 123billion yuan. We are the first private enterprise with a market value of more than 100 billion, and most other enterprises are dominated by monopoly industries. I heard that it was such a situation that I didn't implement it. In addition, Boston company recently ranked the global listed companies' return to shareholders, ranking fifth, China's capital market ranked second, and Suning Appliance ranked first. Another company is listed in Hong Kong, called Sany international. In addition, there are some unlisted companies, including port machinery, leasing and other industries. This is the case for the whole group industry and value. As a private enterprise, Sany has achieved a scale of 50billion from zero. It should be said that Sany is the largest enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, and we can rank fifth in the world. Our development mainly depends on two drivers. One is innovation. We are the winner of the national enterprise innovation award, which is the first in our industry. Now we have more than 6000 R & D personnel, and we hope to have more than 12000 R & D employees by this year. Our scale expansion depends on the construction of factory buildings one by one, brick by brick. It is achieved by changing the speed of Electromechanical. Our first driving force is our innovation. It can be said that Sany's R & D and innovation have led the development of the whole industry and promoted the technological progress of the whole industry. This avoids the corrosion caused by oxidation in the air and water. In an earthquake relief, our machinery and equipment can be said to be in the limelight. This is an honor and dignity made by SANY for China

the second drive is talent driven. There is a saying in Sany that is to share the achievements of development with employees. Many employees find opportunities to realize their self-worth in a fast-growing enterprise. In the company, we implement equity incentives on a large scale and provide employees with good compensation and benefits. And invest a lot of training costs to greatly improve the skills of employees. When I first came in, the teacher said that Sany group was the enterprise with the largest number of alumni in China and Europe. Of course, I didn't verify this, but I also heard about it. But Sany's budget for staff training and promotion is out of control. As a private enterprise, Sany can only rely on its own competitiveness, which first comes from talents. I hope that alumni of China Europe can come to Sany to seek common development after graduation

I just heard president Dong's speech, and I don't understand it at all. I can't only rely on ideals, but also on money. Sany can be said to be a wealth making machine in the capital market. Every day, it is already tens of millions and billionaires. These are our two drivers, as advertising ends here. I hope the alumni of China Europe can have the opportunity to go to Sany to guide, and I hope you can go to Sany to find your own opportunities

today, let me talk about the challenges of operation and management. In fact, as a multinational operation, as an international Sany, we are still in the process of exploration. After listening to the introduction of president Dong, I think we are far from them. The real internationalization of Sany Heavy industry began in 2002. After a few years, I personally feel that based on some of our experiences and lessons, first of all, I think internationalization should first consider localization. Localization is the foundation of internationalization. Localization includes the localization of products and talents, and even the localization of production and management system. First of all, I'll talk about the localization of products. In fact, I don't know much about the electrical industry, but in the construction machinery industry, customers have different preferences and different requirements for equipment. For example, a machine is used to farm land in the United States and bulldozer in India. Therefore, the requirements are different, which does not mean that products that sell well in China sell well all over the world. First of all, the product technology should be advanced. Without technology, there is no foundation for internationalization. The other is the localization of talents, which is a great challenge for us. In fact, this is also a successful experience of internationalization. Now the world's top 500 enterprises have set up factories in China, but you don't see many foreigners, most of whom are Chinese localization talents, so localization is a very important condition

the second is to focus. At the beginning of March 11, we were scattered widely, and people couldn't keep up, which brought great trouble to our guests. Later, we put forward the "double focus" strategy, that is, to focus on products and markets, that is, to give priority to the more mature, internationally competitive products that can meet the needs of local customers to the international market. In some key areas, we will focus on the development of some markets that we think our products are more suitable and have certain advantages. The other is brand priority. In the past, Chinese people didn't understand it. They thought they wanted your products and sold them. As a result, when people bought the first one, they didn't dare to buy the second one, because there is no good service and support system, because no matter how good the equipment is, there will be problems. If there is a problem and they can't get very effective service, it will also be a very painful meeting for customers, so we firmly remember that brand priority, we must first establish good service The support system of accessories. Only with this system can we sell products. This is our experience. Chinese enterprises are all considering internationalization. As for us, we are also looking for our own path and path. I think in Europe and the United States, internationalization is more about industrial integration, mergers and acquisitions, but we have chosen a development path of independent investment and factory building, which is more suitable for us, especially for our international development path as a private enterprise, because we still give priority to stability. Therefore, our asset liability ratio has always been maintained at a very low level, taking financial risk as the primary consideration. We believe that self investment and plant construction is a low-risk, at least risk controllable development model. Of course, we will not let go of the appropriate international M & A opportunities, but now we mainly rely on independent investment to build factories. Just like in China, we also rely on independent research and development. The reason why we chose such a development path is related to our being a private enterprise. We didn't choose mergers and acquisitions in China because we didn't want to get into trouble. For example, when you buy a state-owned enterprise, no matter what the price, it will cause the suspicion of the loss of state-owned assets. Therefore, Sany Heavy Industry was clean from the beginning, without wearing a red hat or acquiring state-owned assets. Internationally, the cost of acquisition is still high, and the risk of operation is greater, and the risk of cultural integration is very large. If we invest in building a factory, there are problems in the scale and progress of investment, including the recruitment of employees. Therefore, we choose a development mode of independent investment and plant construction. Of course, the internationalization of Sany Heavy Industry has just begun, but we attach great importance to it. We take internationalization as the embodiment of the value of people designing materials according to the existing chemical composition, structure and corresponding characteristics of materials. As a national enterprise, you must be international if you want to be competitive. When a private enterprise becomes a world-class enterprise, every Chinese will be proud of owning Sany at that time. This is our Sany dream

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