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Sany plans to change the fund-raising investment of more than 1billion yuan to build military projects

Sany plans to change the fund-raising investment of more than 1billion yuan to build military projects

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recently, Sany Heavy Industry (7.440, -0.04, -0.53%), the "leader" of A-share construction machinery, announced that the company plans to publicly issue 45million convertible corporate bonds on January 4, 2016, raising 1.018 billion yuan of 4.5 billion yuan to be invested in projects, The original "Brazil industrial park construction project (phase I)" was changed to "excavator R & D and service project in countries and overseas markets along the the Belt and Road" and "military industry 512 project"

"we will hold a briefing on changing the investment direction of raised funds recently." Xiao Youliang, the Secretary of Sany Heavy Industry, said, "in addition, from these two projects, you can see the strategic development direction of Sany Heavy Industry, that is, internationalization and military industry."

comprehensive layout of military industry business

as early as February 2016, it was reported that Sany Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sany Heavy Industry, obtained the "weapons and equipment scientific research and production license"

at that time, an insider close to Sany disclosed to securities, "Sany military products business is directly led by xiangwenbo, President of Sany". The insider hoped to express Sany's attention to its military business

coincidentally, Xiao Youliang also said to, "President Xiang (Xiang Wenbo) will personally attend the explanation meeting on changing the investment direction of the raised funds"

on this basis, a relevant professional with knowledge of military product qualifications introduced, "in order for private enterprises to obtain the" weapons and equipment research and production license ", in addition to obtaining the local confidential certification, they must also obtain a cooperation agreement with the military, such as cooperative research and development or production. Only after these experiences, the military will carry out quality system certification for enterprises and issue the" weapons and equipment research and production license "

let's take a look at the "military industry 512 project" disclosed this time. According to the announcement, Sany plans to invest 650million yuan to implement the civilian military strategy, and the goal is to build high-end major process parameter equipment products, that is, to carry out the scientific research, trial production and production of the "military industry 512 project". Its main projects include: light high mobility lightning protection armored vehicle project, intelligent special support platform project, military and civil dual-use tethering equipment project, to meet the national defense and military and civil dual-use needs

among them, the light high mobility lightning protection armored vehicle is mainly used to deal with field operations, urban operations and asymmetric operations. It has the characteristics of high mobility and high protection (lightning protection and bullet proof), and can complete the assault combat mission. The total investment of phase I of the project is 200million yuan; The intelligent special support platform is equipped with a series of autonomous, remote-controlled and accompanying equipment to perform tasks such as obstacle breaking, obstacle sweeping, eradication, reconnaissance and rescue under the battlefield conditions. The platform is divided into functions such as excavation, towing, pushing, transferring, following, lifting, retracting and releasing, and the project investment is 350million yuan; As a military civilian integration product for battlefield reconnaissance, coastal monitoring, emergency communication, forest fire prevention and ground abnormal conditions, the total investment of the project is 100million yuan

economic benefit analysis, Sany disclosed that the above projects are expected to achieve a cumulative sales revenue of 3.269 billion yuan from 2019 to 2021, and the after tax profit is 65298 million yuan. At present, it has gone to the market

improve the service capacity of the "the Belt and Road"

about the "excavator R & D and service project in countries along the the Belt and Road and overseas markets", Sany announced that up to now, Sany has completed the industrial layout along the "the Belt and Road", in Beijing, Xinjiang, Shenyang, Zhuhai, Kunshan, Shanghai, Hangzhou, South Korea, Russia, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Germany France, Spain and other places have Sany manufacturing plants, which have sufficient capacity to provide high-quality products and services to countries along the "the Belt and Road". The company's products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, and 70% - 80% of overseas sales are in countries and regions along the the Belt and Road

according to the announcement, the total investment of the project is 417 million yuan, which is mainly used to improve the R & D and service capacity of excavators in countries along the the Belt and Road and overseas markets such as China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, the United States and Europe, and expand sales by forming the core competitiveness of local products and services. Its specific contents include strengthening the construction of R & D process and platform, improving R & D means and design level; Focus on the countries along the the Belt and Road to form 95 cost-effective products such as micro excavation and rotary excavation to meet the local market demand; Rely on information technology and other tools to link the global market support system and rapid response system, and improve the after-sales response speed, basic service ability and parts support ability

in addition, Sany Heavy equipment manufacturer controls the supply chain of 3D printing materials. The industry pointed out that there is another reason for changing the investment direction of raised funds this time, that is, the original planned investment project - Brazil industrial park construction project (phase I) is experiencing the recession of Brazil's economy and the sharp contraction of the construction machinery market. The economic growth of Brazil, which likes to use gel or foam products when finishing its hair style by Europeans, continued to decline. The economic recession reached 3.85% in 2015 (the worst in 25 years), and the economy is expected to decline by 3.5% in 2016. According to the prediction of the International Monetary Fund, the economy began to recover slowly in 2017, but the growth rate is far lower than the historical level. The demand for construction machinery has shrunk significantly, which is far from the original expectation

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