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The dairy packaging technology seminar was successfully concluded

recently, the "dairy packaging technology seminar" hosted by Huangshan Yongxin Co., Ltd. was held in Huangshan City. Representatives from nearly 20 dairy production enterprises and raw and auxiliary material production enterprises at home and abroad, including Nestle, Yili, Wandashan, Sanlu, Guangming, ExxonMobil, gathered together to exchange and discuss the future development trend of China's dairy packaging, The cooperation between dairy production and packaging enterprises was emphasized, which further promoted the healthy development of dairy packaging in China

this seminar focused on the development direction of China's dairy packaging technology, the selection and application of dairy packaging materials, the technical standards and health safety of milk powder packaging materials, and the application of new materials in dairy packaging, which aroused great interest of the participants. Representatives of Yili company also communicated with you on how Yili company selects and evaluates packaging suppliers at the seminar

in recent years, dairy industry has become the fastest growing industry in China's food industry. China's dairy packaging industry has been greatly promoted by the dairy industry, with the continuous improvement of packaging supply capacity and packaging quality. Dairy packaging has become an important part of the development of China's dairy industry

as a plastic flexible packaging enterprise, Huangshan Yongxin Co., Ltd. has been committed to the collaborative development with customers, and the production and service capacity of flexible packaging has been continuously improved. It has become one of the important suppliers of plastic flexible packaging in China. It has an annual production capacity of 21000 tons of plastic color printing composite flexible packaging materials, 6000 tons of vacuum coating and 24000 tons of multi-functional film, and undertakes the packaging business of many well-known brands at home and abroad, Users are involved in food, medicine, daily chemicals, pesticides, electronics, building materials and other fields. At present, Yongxin Co., Ltd. has built a 100000 level clean workshop that is safe, efficient, hygienic and environmental friendly and meets the requirements of pharmaceutical packaging, effectively ensuring the production environment of flexible packaging products; Yongxin's patented technology in place, the perfect quality system certified by ISO9001, and the HACCP system being implemented to prevent food safety hazards have provided 3. 5% for the dairy industry To ensure clear and reliable imaging quality assurance

the purpose of Yongxin Co., Ltd. in hosting this seminar is to properly change the oil, carefully listen to the customers' opinions and suggestions on Yongxin dairy products packaging, so as to better improve the technology and ability of Yongxin Co., Ltd. in dairy products packaging, commit to innovation, speed up development, strive to build a first-class green and environmental friendly flexible packaging production base in Asia and China, and provide better products and services for Chinese dairy enterprises. The delegates also visited the production plants and product exhibition halls of Yongxin Co., Ltd. We are deeply impressed by the beautiful factory environment, clean production workshops, advanced production equipment, strict quality control and distinctive corporate culture

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information source: China Baotou Union Information Center

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