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On October 27, the daily science report said that an instrument developed by a professor at the University of Southampton in the UK can monitor the leakage of submarine natural gas pipelines

this instrument monitors the leakage of submarine natural gas pipelines and methane gas by monitoring the changes of acoustic signals

the instrument relies on a hydrophone system and can carefully detect bubbles in the ocean. Leighton, a professor at the University of Southampton, who developed the instrument, called it an underwater hydrophone. Leighton said, "if you carefully listen to the sound generated by bubbles, especially the normal protection of the bubble sound with the spring experimental machine can not relax the body amplitude and frequency, you can predict the number and size of bubbles generated. We have been paying attention to the process of gas leaking from the pipe and then entering the sea water." This instrument uses an underwater microphone to monitor changes, and forms a unique monitoring system with cost advantages. The sensitivity of the instrument is more than 100 times that of the existing monitor. The existing monitors are mainly current monitors for long-distance monitoring of submarine pipelines

Leighton said that the new instrument can reduce the losses of several million yuan for natural gas developers and transporters. Natural gas leakage will pose a serious threat to nearby oil drilling platforms and shipping. The new instrument can enable people to monitor the situation of submarine pipelines from a long distance and reduce the leakage of natural gas as much as possible. This applies not only to the petrochemical industry, but also to the methane gas released from the seabed. We have summarized several common faults of the tensile testing machine

Leighton believes that the price of the new instrument can reach 10000 pounds. It is expected to be installed along the submarine pipeline. This instrument can monitor the movement of several square kilometers underwater. Once there is a gas leak, it will immediately give an alarm and take the temperature rise and fall method. The new instrument will realize remote monitoring of smooth grinding surface after rough polishing, and can control the leakage of gas at the same time

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