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Three successful cases of electric shock first aid

in the current training of safety knowledge and skills, most of them tend to take the examination paper, while the examination of practical operation skills is less. If we pay attention to the assessment of practical operation skills, shift the focus of the assessment of practical operation skills to drills, and achieve the degree of conditioned reflex, then the injury accident will feed the injury accident and the loss caused by the injury accident will be greatly reduced. Here are a few cases of timely rescue of people who have been electrocuted. Missing them will enlighten us


at 11:40 on August 4, 1993, comrades from the maintenance section of a sodium rolling plant went to the dedusting pump room for flood control and rescue. The ponding in the pump room is knee deep. In order to drain the water, a forklift was used to shovel two trucks of hot slag to block the door, and then water was pumped out. As soon as the submersible pump was installed and the electricity was delivered, the comrades dragging straw bags in the water were electrocuted. Several comrades outside the water were also electrocuted and struggled to escape from the water

the personnel on site realized that there was a problem with the submersible pump, and immediately pulled the brake. Yue, who had been in a coma due to a heavy electric shock, was carried to the table in our belief room on duty, and immediately underwent artificial external cardiac compression for rescue. During the squeezing process, I heard the sound of phlegm flowing in Yue's noise, and immediately aspirated manually; When pressed again, sputum flowed out of Yue's mouth, and his rescuers sucked it dry again. After the artificial external heart compression rescue, Yue finally breathed out and escaped death

comments: 1. The electrician did not understand the wiring color of the submersible pump cable, and the zero line was connected to the phase line by mistake, causing leakage. 2. The rescue of artificial extracorporeal cardiac compression is timely and effective, and mouth to mouth sputum suction ensures that the respiratory tract of the victims is unblocked. This case shows that the timely, correct and proper rescue at critical times is 101. Cleaning and cleaning: it is important that some dust will inevitably be produced in the process of the experiment


at 16:10 on August 16, 1995, Zhang, a steel rolling worker in the medium-sized workshop of a rolling mill, took over the shift and went to the back of the second rolling mill to weld the rolling groove. During welding, he was electrocuted and fell on the roller table. After the steel rolling worker Liu found it, he immediately ran to the front of the second frame and cut off the power

as soon as Xie, the on-site process technician, arrived, Zhang was in shock and immediately underwent artificial external cardiac compression. A few minutes later, Zhang breathed slowly. It's OK to see Zhang. The workmates lifted Zhang to the door of the workshop with a wooden board and put him on the ground. At this time, Zhang was shocked again, his mouth was wide open, and he couldn't breathe

Lu, the electrician's monitor, was working in the main electrical room. When he learned that someone had been electrocuted, he immediately ran across the structure of the experimental platform. When he saw that people were going to send Zhang to the hospital, he immediately stopped and said, "no!" Lu ran on the ground and wanted to give Zhang a pull and press arm method of artificial respiration, but Zhang's arm was scalded, so this method couldn't work; Artificial respiration with supine chest compression method has no effect; With mouth to mouth breathing, Zhang's mouth opened wide again. In a hurry, Lu put his mouth into Zhang's mouth, pinched Zhang's nose and breathed, until the seventh breath, Zhang finally breathed. At this time, the ambulance also arrived, and Zhang saved his life

people asked Xie, who rescued Zhang, where did he learn the first aid method for electric shock? Is there such a course in the university? Xie replied, "my home is in the countryside. Movies in the countryside often show knowledge about safe electricity use, so I wrote it down."

people asked another rescuer Lu, and Lu replied, "I used to be a soldier in Weixu District of Beijing. When I was in a company, I often practiced first aid one-on-one."

comments: 1. After electric shock, switch off the power in time and act quickly; 2. The process technician will also give first aid on site, which is invaluable; 3. Put your mouth into your mouth and blow. There is no record in the book, and there is wisdom in a hurry; 4. The most effective method of artificial respiration is mouth to mouth

5, the on-site rescue of the person who gets an electric shock is well done. The cause of the accident: the steel rolling workers did not engage in welding without insulating shoes. The no-load voltage of the electric welding machine is 110V, which is far more than the regulation that the on-load voltage does not exceed 80V when the AC welding machine is operated manually. In this case, special protective measures should be taken before operation


at 10:45 on November 7, 1996, the main electrical room of a medium-sized workshop in a rolling mill conducted a gas test, and the main electrical room overhauled the 6000 volt high-voltage cabinet according to the production arrangement of the workshop enterprise

the isolating switch of the voltage transformer in the high-voltage switchgear is broken, and the one with low voltage cannot be used. Jia, the electrical engineer of the mechanical department, asked him to take it over and have a look. He gestured and said, "OK!" So he removed the broken one and asked Lu, the electrician monitor, to find the screws. Lu found only one screw and installed it. Jia said, "I'll go behind the plate and you'll be in front." After that, Lu heard the sound of "stabbing..." and looked up. The knife switch had been closed, so he immediately disconnected the oil switch, ran behind the plate, pulled out the shocked Jia from the high-voltage cabinet and laid him flat on the ground. At this time, Jia's pulse could not be felt, and Lu immediately carried out artificial external cardiac compression rescue. After squeezing more than a dozen times, Jia could breathe. After examination, eight of Jia's 10 fingers were discharged, and his wrist with watch was electrically burned for a week, his arm was also electrically burned, and his stomach was also burned outside the grounding

comments: 1. Lu has excellent on-site first aid skills and saved two lives in two years; 2. Power off in time after electric shock; 3. After the heart stops beating, carry out artificial external cardiac compression in time to produce good results. The cause of the accident: the relevant safety system is not implemented when working on electrical equipment; If the electrical technician fails to verify whether the work is safe and whether the measures are complete, it is a command against rules; The person in charge of the work (electrician Foreman) did not resist the illegal command, which led to the accident. (Military Series)

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