Successful development of device type plastic cans

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Japan has successfully developed device type plastic cans

a Mitsubishi company in Japan has recently developed a device type can that is completely made of plastic material (LDPE) and integrated with the rack. Its capacity is 2500, reducing its shrinkage rate. First, it is applied to the food industry

before that, the subsidiary of the company used the rotary molding method to produce PE cans, mainly to take some improvement measures for the storage of chemical products.

based on this, it produced plastic cans that integrate cans and stands. The bottom of this kind of device type tank is inclined

, and the liquid in it can be completely emptied, without mold and bacterial breeding due to the residual liquid. In addition, its flange and nozzle are integrally formed, without liquid leakage, so that the extruder can restore good momentum on the export. Because it is all plastic, the products are light and strong, so there is no need to worry about rust and maintenance. The tank can also be used as a brewing tank for soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, etc., and as a storage device for amino acids and food intermediate materials, which has a broad application prospect

the service life of the tension machine is also rapidly consumed

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