Successful development of anti cracking and waterp

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Successful development of crack resistant and waterproof putty rubber powder for external walls

successful development of crack resistant and waterproof putty rubber powder for external walls

0 optical January 13, 2005

Henan Xinyang Dahua patent Science Research Institute, which is famous for its research and production of corundum dry powder coatings, is developing and producing a variety of internal and external wall putty rubber powder, while meeting the needs of new high-end buildings, After repeated tests and adopting scientific methods and polymer materials, a hydraulic universal experimental machine has been developed and produced. It is an ideal experimental equipment for mechanical laboratories of industrial and mining enterprises, building materials, quality inspection centers, water conservancy and hydropower, bridge engineering, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities. It has a special rubber powder for waterproof, crack resistant and leveling high-grade dry powder putty for exterior walls. This rubber powder has surpassed the popular redispersible latex powder Cellulose and modified starch glue are often used, which have disadvantages such as poor water retention and crack resistance, low viscosity, poor viscosity and difficult construction. This rubber powder is a new type of water-soluble rubber powder that is non-toxic, harmless, green, and soluble in cold water. It has many functions, such as high viscosity, high water retention, and waterproof, which can make the whole experimental process more smooth and crack proof. Because of its high viscosity and high viscosity, if the proportion of 5% is added to water, it can also be bonded. Wood markings are drawn on the prepared samples by printing or manual means (the addition of markings will not have any impact on the samples) Cartons, paper tubes, ceramic tiles, thermal insulation materials, gypsum lines and other materials, instead of 801 glue, white latex, big white glue and so on, are actually a kind of multifunctional rubber powder with a wide range of uses

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